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Long Hairstyles 2018: Runway Inspires Hairstyles and Tips for Women

Classic length will never go out of fashion, so many women think long hairstyles from 2018. Long-haired ideas that we see on runways sometimes wander off: why did not I suspect that before ?! Simple but so elegant and bright tricks make them perfect. They are really varied and easy! Another interesting feature of the long hairstyles for women 2018: influence history and ethnic traditions. It is not surprising that luxurious long hair fascinated mankind from birth until today.

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Long hairstyles 2018: basic types

Long Hairstyles 2018 delight us with a variety that emphasizes the benefits of each face shape. Let’s list the most important species.

  • Loose hair with multiple textures and accessories. Read something below.

  • Long hairstyles for women 2018 contain an interesting trend: Renaissance inspired look. Try to replicate soft waves and décor from famous paintings of the era.
  • Half-Up Half-Down – an elegant option for everyday wear as well as for the evening.

  • Several bread rolls remain current.
  • Braids remain extra trendy. Give them the opportunity to play a great ensemble with bread rolls or lose hair! Long hair ideas should be limitless!
  • Are ponies naughty today? Anyway, braid it! You are welcome to add new strands of hair length in lichens and create plaited contour.

  • Few words to say goodbye. Watch for triangular Jean Paul Gaultier show. Here are really great long hair ideas! Accentuate this (whatsoever) cool farewell with golden

  • Middle and side crests will also not lose popularity.

Long hairstyles for women 2018: So great accessories!

With long hairstyles in 2018 we have noticed almost no “theatrical” mass production or other eye-catching “special effects”. But accessories make them unforgettable!

  • If Greek hairstyles meant volume and big curls last year, Chanel’s 2018 Resort Show changed our mind. Modern interpretation in long hairstyles for women 2018 involves more natural look with two thin strands near face. And of course, Greek goddess tiara: satin headband or awesome flower or laurel tiara.

  • Flower wreaths are everything you need for a good party or wedding hairstyle!

  • Hairpiercing makes you look extra cool!
  • Elie Saab models pictures remind us of medieval queens and magical fairy tales … And such tiaras are really made to rule our hearts!

Long hair ideas: what about color?

Long Hairstyles 2018 should also depend on your hair color. No wonder, because who does not want to show perfect hair color?

  • Enrich your natural shade with lightly bleached torches. Natural and beach waves best accentuate such dyes.
  • Force every shade with toning. Good for “picture inspired” Renaissance hairstyles.
  • Extreme hairstyles guide is purple.

  • Accent hides coloring with pigtails, high ponytails and knots.
  • If you want to style your hair all the way to one side, use the following longhair ideas. Comb your hair on the left side and dye the top half with the first tone. Then comb on the right side, rub off the remaining part with a second tone. Or leave it, of course. So change your hair color, just hair on the side you want!

Hopefully our article “Long hairstyles 2018: Runway inspired hairstyles and tips for women” inspired your great daily makeovers!

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