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Men's Clothing -The Trends Fall-Winter 2018-2018


A modern man, like a modern woman, looks after his appearance. And it’s not just about going to the gym to stay fit and attractive.

There is nothing embarrassing about going to the beauty salon, following a healthy diet and showing interest in the latest fashion news. There is nothing better than a stylish and modern men’s wardrobe.

Men’s clothes the best in the fashion world


Even in 2018, designers will not leave the male part of humanity unattended and offer many interesting novelties and stylish solutions. Of course, not all that we show you will be suitable or suitable for everyday use.


But nobody forces you to opt for futuristic designs, but to be inspired by trends and create the style that best suits your personality. Even the most fantastic idea of ​​a fashion designer can be perceived simply as fabric, silhouette, texture, color and pattern, inspiring you to come into fashion this fall winter.


As we know in the fashion world, there are options for every taste and designers can not be blamed for creating exclusive collections that are just for the catwalk. We can see that the needs of modern men are truly understood, thanks to the abundance of laconic styles and subdued colors that will delight even the most traditionalist man.


Men’s fashion looks more comfortable for everyday wear, such as knit pullovers, comfortable loose-fitting trousers and fashionable coats and jackets.


In our photos you can see today the trends of fashion and men’s clothing of the autumn-winter season 2018-2018. They try the collections of trendy houses and stylish solutions for every day.

Dressman the best of the catwalks


The trends for this season are more relaxed. Men should slowly get rid of lines and strict silhouette. For many it seems that the clothes are too wide, but this season is quite acceptable, even for the office style.


The new trends come with exquisite accents, because another clear winner of the year 2018 is the velvet in which every man will look like an English aristocrat. Victorian ornaments in modern fashion are more accented by vests and gloves.


Let’s start with the trendy colors in the autumn-winter season 2018-2018:


It is a warm and noble color that emphasizes the intentional nature of man. This color is similar to a mixture of brown color and mustard color, looks calm, cozy and stylish. You can choose clothing in the dark ocher color and combine it with pastel shades, we make sure you will look very fashionable.



The indigo or deep indigo color is another of the leaders in the list of modern colors for men’s clothing 2018 2018. According to psychologists, men who like to dress indigo clothing are successful and patient. Indigo is a very noble and multi-faceted color. It is suitable for elegant and casual clothing.

Men’s clothing and fashion colors



The suede color is made from the combination of white, gray and yellow tones. This gives us a subtle color that fits perfectly for the fall-winter period.


We start with the parkas Men prefer the parka to other types of jackets because it has a number of advantages:

The parka is long and therefore able to protect from the wind. Another benefit of the parkas is that they have plenty of pockets to put a phone, a wallet and other things you need. You can put everything in your pockets, eliminating the need for a bag or backpack. A warm hood protects the head from the cold. Many prefer parkas in dark tones.


We advise you to pay attention to the brightest color models you will notice in the crowd. In the spring of 2018, a light parka can be worn in military style. Fans of grunge style may prefer a leather jacket.

Men’s Clothing Ideas for Casual Style Lovers


The grunge style can be chosen if you want to deny stereotypes, it is a style that is suitable for people who are tired of glamor and glamor. The main features of the style are patches and corners and edges. Fabrics: leather, jeans and knitwear.


So for autumn-winter 2018-2018 is also the classic coat. The classic beige coat for men will never go out of fashion. A man in a beige coat looks impressive. You can combine a beige wrap with accessories in brown, gray or blue ocher.


If you are a fan of deeper shades, you may prefer navy blue. It looks very masculine and elegant. In Milan, Men’s Fashion Week took place with the Dolce & Gabbana collection for the autumn-winter 2018-2018. In the next photo we see how a trend is coming, the long or medium coats with bright floral prints.


Fashionable in this autumn-winter 2018-2018 are sheepskin coats. Sheepskins have been in fashion for years and still are not left.

Men’s clothing and fashion for the season


Although we have commented on the modern colors, but the abundance of colorful solutions makes it possible to relax the male image. The muted blues, grays and browns will satisfy most men. But the bold fashion designers have prepared many surprises for this season. This season is anything but boring. And so as not to be confused with the diversity of trends, we continue with our guide, revealing the details of the main trends of winter-fall menswear 2018 2018.


After commenting on the colors of fashion, we go to the fashionable fabrics.

In 2018, the masculine fashion, wool, corduroy and linen fabrics were virtually sold off the podiums. They were replaced by the new trends: on the other hand men can begin to dress exclusively in aristocratic velvet, on the other hand, to dress in leather clothes, in any way, underlining their brutality and the nature of the skin.



This last texture was so popular in the 80’s when velvet jackets, pants and dresses were made. Then the fashion designers had enough of velvet clothes and were no longer in the fashion world. Velvet not only proved in 2018 that it fits on the catwalk, but was also one of the favorites for a long time. Therefore, designers in 2018 decided that a man can and should look aristocratic and luxurious.


But it’s not just the wardrobe for the office, but also the everyday wardrobe for men. Men can wear velvet pants, fashionable jackets and even high-quality suits made of this fabric, which gives a man a bohemian touch. According to the leading designers of modern times, velvet clothing should not be boring, so the traditional black is diluted for them with rich colors of Bordeaux, red, purple, green, brown and blue.


Knitting and especially the sweaters are something that should not be missing in your winter wardrobe.

The trend towards comfortable and comfortable things will not leave your position. Of course, every man in the cold season has warm sweaters in his closet, but the modern fashion industry is broadening the horizons with knitwear in menswear. Now you can comfortably wear cuddly wool coats, oversized caps and bulky scarves.


Nearly all shades of blue are mentioned among the modern colors for sweaters, traditionally for cold seasons, black and gray, brown, soft shades of khaki, lime and mustard.



These types of textures are fashionable for several seasons and are clearly favorites of prominent designers. In 2018, it will not only become one of the most commonly used substances, but once again confirm its superiority. On the fashion catwalks we can see incredible jackets, coats and shoes for men. For the designs of the jackets that are inspired by the main trend of the 70s, we recommend that you choose designs that come in a single color.


However, most brands think that a suede thing in the picture is enough to deliberately emphasize their fashion. The novelty of the new year of fashion was delicious explosions of color – suede jackets, painted in traditional for men, camel, khaki, brown, black and gray, fashion designers with clothes diluted incredibly delicate lavender, amethyst and rich plum mood.




1 Dolce and Gabbana

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