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Men's Haircuts 2018: Pompadour Haircut

Pompadour haircut named after King of France Louis XV favorite. The legendary singer Elvis Presley brought it back to a new transformation. Trend has been successfully absorbed and disseminated among people. After more than half a century, this haircut hair trends 2018! We invite all stylish short hairstyle fun to read our “Men’s Haircut 2018: Pompadour Haircut” article.

Short haircuts: Pompadours specials

Pompadour differs from other short haircuts in its bright character elements:

  • short cut or shaved pages;
  • long strands on the crown, mostly combed back or highly styled.

Pompadour should be a universal solution for every age group, from teenagers to retirees.

Its advantage lies in various styling possibilities, based on the individual structure of the face type and lifestyle.

If you know the secrets of Pompadour, you decide that you fit perfectly!

  • Men with beard should style it, leaving the effect of emptiness on the temples near cut edges.

  • Young men can try to stretch strands upwards.

  • Skin should not be seen, throwing on sides and back!
  • Length difference accent is required! It is one of the extra current hair trends 2018!

Mens Haircuts 2018 are prone to change, suitable for any face shape. Use the following rules to make the right pompadour choice for your face type.

  • The round face looks perfect with a high-style top.
  • Elongated side strands accentuate the thin face of aristocratic optics and bring the shape visually closer to the ideal oval.

Hair Trends 2018: Pompadour Haircut

Pompadour changes a lot with wavy hair. The wavy texture on short haircuts visually enlarges the face, so use such a thin face technique.

Surely you will like those , check also and .

Add a small amount of hair spray for fixation. It is important not to overdo it with hairspray. It brings “glass” hair effect!

Avoid complicated hairstyles in windy or rainy weather. Pompadour without styling should be easy to fix by simply combing.

Clean your hair with a special styling gel. Apply it unevenly to get the perfect volume. You will achieve two hair trends in 2018: wet and “Elvis” hair elements!

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