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Mens Haircuts 2018: inspiration and photos for great makeover

The flexibility of the varieties and solutions allows us to say with confidence: Men’s Haircuts 2018 are for everyone! Outstanding hair artist takes into account every texture, face shape and hair quality develop menswear haircuts 2018. This year you are so free in the choice! Of course, retro-style, preppy, rockabilly and punk – all current men’s hairstyles are in vogue for you!

Read our “Men’s Hairstyles 2018: Inspiration and Photos for Great Makeover” article to make a trendy choice!

Good new runway ideas: Mens Haircuts 2018

We really saw inspiring mens haircuts in 2018 at latest fashion shows. COOL HAIRCUTS has gathered the best ideas for your perfect look!

  • Deveaux really presented contemporary men’s hairstyles and styling on NYFW. These “Schrödinger” cuts are with pony and without them at the same time … Ask the master to leave longer strands for the root volume next to the sides. The front strands were thinner and shorter cut. And a strand on the forehead. It’s so elegant – on every texture!

  • The same brand suggested another menswear haircuts 2018 options: classic haircut transformation with side vertex and “invisible” side pony. It tends to dapper style, but is still very masculine.

  • Hedgehog cut, styled, climbs on men haircuts 2018 top! This season’s cut includes a rich suspension. Hedgehogs can be styled carefree and prickly. This option, enriched with efficient highlighting, admired! If you have a longer option, get inspired with Dior looks: nourish your hair all the way up without streaking.

Mens Fashion Haircuts 2018: Past Future

Mens Haircuts 2018 adapted some options from the past to the modern age. Maybe the retro style is the idealistic view of youth at old times … We “forget” the worst and get happy new times. At first glance, it is reminiscent of nostalgic photography. But in reality, the stylization involves interesting work: our “photography” was processed by our time artist. So we feel new behind the scenes. And it’s cool!

  • Tom Ford models appeared with accented side crests and long feathered pony that continued harmoniously the full length of the line. This elegant option fits perfectly with oval, rectangular and square face shapes.

  • Rockabilly style is repeated in contemporary mens haircuts. It can be long bangs, left curly, smooth back hair or two-sided but still gelled options. Do not forget the little pen tips. Hair gel with gloss-shine effect would be your best friend, but do not exaggerate it! However, naturalness is the main trend.

  • We’ll just name a few names: Paul McCartney, James Hetfield, David Bowie. Of course, your first association is incredible music and what is the second? .. Everything they wow in the past wow mullets. And now it comes one of the trendiest between men’s fashion haircuts 2018! We have already remembered quiet, varied styling, hair structures, lengths and degrees of thinning. Now Mullens, like Men’s Hairstyles 2018, became even more versatile! They are often combined with other cuts and styles, such as Iroquois or ponytails. Character feature for new mullets – prickly styled strands on the back of the head.

Contemporary Men’s Haircuts: Few Common Tendencies to Know …

We have made acquaintance with leading and most conspicuous tendencies. Of course, they are much more and it is not a complete list. So, what else characterizes men’s haircuts 2018?

  • If the volume for women is mostly unfashionable, it’s fine for you! “Lion mane” effect will not only emphasize masculinity in your image, but should also mask thin hair problems. Volume near the forehead compensates for the diamond shape and diverts attention away from the long nose. If you have a long face, try other options.
  • Preppy style does not just mean school look transformation in modern mens haircuts. You are welcome to wear exactly the same hairstyle you had in the junior school. But beware – this option does not suit men with too big facial features.

  • Feathery curly hair is fine! No, it’s not okay … It’s great for this season! Mens fashion haircuts are provided for everyone. Try so-called skater style cut. Everything you wear – sportswear or an elegant suit – perfectly combines trendy!
  • Medium and long lengths express something poetic. Warriors, poets, musicians – everything they preferred in the past. Now long contemporary men’s hairstyles worn by people of different professions and tastes. But mostly they are still chosen by unique, creative and courageous people: athletes and artists. Whether straight or curly hair – accents in length are health and individuality. And, by the way, medium or long mens haircuts 2018 highly recommended to tall men.

  • In contrast, short cuts make the person look bigger. Buzz and crew cuts interestingly modified. First to notice – you will not find any “almost bald” options on runways, use the length near 1 cm. Second cool idea – bright red short hair climbed on Trends’ top. You are invited to try all possible pony options with Crew Cut to correct the face shape.

Men’s Haircuts 2018 and Color: Create a Good Team!

  • Hair color depends on the cut and we’ll give you some tips for the haircuts of 2018 successful combinations with color.
  • Highlights often adorn modern men’s haircuts. Avoid clear stripes – they are out of fashion. Modern highlights are more reminiscent of soft flares. Try to bleach 2-3 tones only. It will not damage your hair badly but will create an interesting volumetric effect.
  • Low-calorie chocolate colors would suit both naturally dark-haired men and blondes who need to change the whole picture. Such shades emphasize pretty blue eyes. Suit for cool color type. Chocolates often contain special tones and mask gray hair, so it’s a good chance to look younger!
  • Warmer cognac colors are very trendy. Cognac also looks good with thin highlights.

  • Icy silver and all extreme shades on runways – for audacious people joy!
  • As men’s fashion hairstyles 2018 often athletes look repeated, surfer hair effect is gaining huge popularity. If you have long curly hair, you can achieve full identity with natural surfer hair look! Just ask a good hair artist about the highlights and simulate the burned hair color.

Hopefully our article “hairstyles hairstyles 2018: inspiration and photos for great make-up” led to the best trend picture.

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