Long Hairstyles

Men's long hairstyles

Hair trends 2018 are characterized by interesting practical men’s long hairstyles. Try trendy rolls, top knots or ponytails. Strict elastic bands complement the laconic image. Just find out which long 2018 hairstyles suit you best. Surely you will like those , check also and .

We have prepared some great tutorials for you! Read our interesting Hair Trends 2018: Mens Long Hairstyles article. Long hairstyles 2018 based on easy care!

Men’s Hairstyles 2018 tell of your perfect taste, strength and elegance. So, real men’s long hairstyles should be based on healthy strong hair!

  • Cut regularly split ends.
  • Wear winter hats and protect your hair from the sun during the summer.
  • Do not wash your hair with hot water!
  • Avoid too tight hair bands.

Men’s Hairstyles 2018: Textured bun for curly hair

  • Dry hair, retains its original texture.
  • Moisten styling spray slightly.
  • Raise hairs with fingers close to the roots.
  • Fix bun on ponytail base at middle height. Keep the volume a little way from the head due to the double twisted rubber band.
  • Pull the strands down slightly and release them slightly from the knot to increase volume at the back of the head.

Men’s Long Hairstyles: Top Knot

Top knot became one of the most actual mens hairstyles 2018. It looks gorgeous on hard straight hair.

Carefully comb, moisten hair with styling fluid. Mount it in a high ponytail on the crown and fix the bundle with a double twisted rubber band.

Low bun for naughty hair: Men’s hairstyles 2018 for work

Sometimes the right hairstyle becomes a real problem. Such long hairstyles 2018 option should be rescue for naughty hair owners. Its handsome look with quick creation makes it perfect for working days!

You can also collect hair in the neck area without combing. Stretch it only half way through the second perimeter of the rubber band. You are trendy look is done!

Hopefully our article “Hair Trends 2018: Long Hairstyles for Men” has helped you to look perfect and to create new ideas and images of yourself!

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