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Most beloved Bob hairstyles for women

Bob Hairstyle has become increasingly popular for years and many women, including celebrity Emilia Clarke, have adopted this style of haircut. kann von invertierten Bobs zu kurzen Bob Haaren mit Pony so vielseitig sein hier sind, was wir für Sie gewählt haben: Bob hairstyles can be so versatile from inverted bobs to short bob hairs with bangs here are what we’ve chosen for you:

1. Inverted asymmetric bob haircut

We start with this beautiful reverse bob hairstyle for girls with thin or fine hair texture.

Bob Haarschnitt

2. Chic long bob cut

Layered and angled bob hairstyles look great and really modern on young women, highlights also creates a beautiful and healthy glow.


3. Stacked Layered Bob Haircut

Stacked back style is one of the best looks for women who like to sport really eye-catching and textured bob hairstyles.

Bob Haar

4. Dark Bob Hairstyle

Look at this beautiful half updo! The angled haircut looks good on this girl with fine hair.

Bob Frisuren für Frauen

5. Best Short Bob Hairstyle

Dark Short Bob Hairstyle is always a good idea for women with medium to dark complexions and thick hair.

Bob Frisur

6. Long Bob

Long and multi-layered bob hairstyle with highlights is always a good idea for healthy, fine hair, as you can see in this picture:

Bob Frisuren für Frauen-6

7. Brown to Purple Ombre

Natural honey brown hair color is dyed with pastel purple ombre and styled in really gorgeous waves, I think that’s a winning look for young women.

Bob Frisuren für Frauen-7

8. Nice short messy hair

This cute and messy short bob hairstyle with highlights and layering is a perfect solution for thick-haired women who like to have casual style.

Bob Frisuren für Frauen-8

9. Gray Balayage Short Hair

This angled bob hairstyle is dyed with ash gray ombre to make it look appealing and unique.

Bob Frisuren für Frauen-9

10. Pastel pink hair ombre

Patel Pink Ombre Balayage gives this straight long bob hairstyle a really nice and trendy look.

Bob Frisuren für Frauen-10

Here are more Trend Bob hairstyles that we have chosen:

11. Lateral pony

Bob Frisuren für Frauen-11

12. Inverted dark bob

Bob Frisuren für Frauen-12

13. Messy Short Bob

Bob Frisuren für Frauen-13

14. Undercut Short Bob Hair

Bob Frisuren für Frauen-14

15. Blunt pony

Bob Frisuren für Frauen-15

16. Rose Gold hair color

Bob Frisuren für Frauen-16

17. Straight hair

Bob Frisuren für Frauen-17

18. Curly short hair

Bob Frisuren für Frauen-18

19. Low lights

Bob Frisuren für Frauen-19

20. Sweet pony

Bob Frisuren für Frauen-20

21. Fine hair

Bob Frisuren für Frauen-21

22. Nice style

Bob Frisuren für Frauen-22

23. Rose Gold Balayage Hair

Bob Frisuren für Frauen-23

24. Emilia Clarke Bob

Bob Frisuren für Frauen-24

25. Fernanda Vasconcellos

By the end of this gallery I have to say that simple short bob hairstyle with highlights will work for every woman of different ages.

Bob Frisuren für Frauen-25


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