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Most beloved Cute Short Hair Ideas

With the spread of short hairstyles, the search for new haircuts by women is also increasing. If you are still looking for cute stylish hairstyles To update your style before you enter the New Year, just browse our gallery:

1. Trendy hair for 2018

Once you have a short hairdo, it’s really hard to go back to long hair because you want to try new short haircuts instead!

Niedliches kurzes Haar

2. Undercut Pixie

Undercut styled hairstyles have been popular with men and women for a number of years, and pixie styles look great with shaved and undercut styles.

Nette kurze Haarschnitte für Frauen

3. Relaxed hair

This dark, split-length bob hair has a relaxed style that is not straight but not curly. Relaxed styles are a great way to style your hair without causing so much damage to your hair.

Nette Styles für kurze Haare

4. Asian Bob Style

Straight hair looks great with layered short hairstyles, especially if you have a thick hair texture.

Nette Frisuren für kurzes Haar

5. Pixie cut

ist einer der am meisten Gesicht framing Stile für Mädchen, die ihr Aussehen aktualisieren möchten. This cute dark pixie style is one of the most face framing styles for girls who want to update their look.

Netter kurzer Haarschnitt

6. Whippy cake hair

You can add beautiful hair accessories like Whippy Cake’s to your short hair, that looks great on her platinum blonde bob.

Nettes kurzes Haar-6

7. French Bob

French Bob Hair is female and stylish haircut option for girls, this haircut is known for dull bob cut with dull bangs.

Nettes kurzes Haar-7

8. Styling shoulder-length hair

Look at this beautiful twisted half updo! Pastel gray and purple hair colors are beautifully mixed and create a nice hairstyle for this girl.

Nettes kurzes Haar-8

9. Short curly Mohawk hair

Curly hair looks good to Mohawk inspired hairstyles like this one below, black women like it with big curls and highlights.

Nettes kurzes Haar-9

10. Wavy reverse bob

Not fat, that this blonde bob looks really modern and stylish? This reversed bob is styled in loose waves and definitely looks great!

Nettes kurzes Haar-10

11. Lacey brown hair

Red and prickly makes this pixie cut much more flashy and stylish.

Nettes kurzes Haar-11

12. Choppy Layered Pixie Cut

Gray hair color is one of the most popular hair colors for young women, this is a bit more blue-gray color that looks good on chopped off short hairstyle.

Niedliches kurzes Haar-12

13. Layered wavy hair

Highlights and side parted style create a nice style for ladies with medium skin tones, waves are also stylish!

Nettes kurzes Haar-13

14. Tall elf

Pony pony cuts can be worn by women, who have thicker hair structures, multiple hair colors, and darker roots that create a delightful texture.

Niedliches kurzes Haar-14

15. Pastel Blue Pixie

To get this pastel blue goblin, you need to bleach your hair and add layers to style your long goblin. Protect your hair from damage.

Nettes kurzes Haar-15

16. Eleven Bob

Niedliches kurzes Haar-16

17. Modern cut

Stump Bob Hair is a modern and chic option for girls with fine hair, so your hair would look much fuller and healthier.

Nettes kurzes Haar-17

18th bowl cut

Bowl Cut can look boring, especially if it looks like a bob, but Pixie Bowl cuts are actually pixie with pony.

Nettes kurzes Haar-18

19th side view

und konisch Stil kreiert einen maskulinen und coolen Look, dieser Haarschnitt zeigt sich schön im Nacken. Aschblond hair color and conical style creates a masculine and cool look, this haircut is beautiful on the neck.

Nettes kurzes Haar-19

20. Copper red pixie

Face-framing pony is always a good idea to emphasize your facial features, this copper-red hair color would look good if you have fair complexion and green eyes.

Nettes kurzes Haar-20



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