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Most popular short hairstyles for round faces

? You have a round face, but are not sure short hairstyles ? Here are the most popular short hairstyles for round faces that would fit you well. Take a look at our gallery now and be inspired by these looks!

1. Short layered haircut for round faces

Layered short hair cut with fringe would look good on round faces.

Kurze Frisuren für runde Gesichter

2. Short to medium hair

Side-cut hairstyles flatter your facial features.

Kurzes Haar für runde Gesichter

3. Noble short hair

Loose waves look very sweet on women with a round face, but avoid perfect curls.

Kurzes Haar für rundes Gesicht

4. Chic short hair round face

Volume on your short hair will make your face much more oval in shape.

Kurzer Haarschnitt für rundes Gesicht

5. Sharonstein

Side Shared Pony looks really stylish on Sharon Stone.

Kurzes Haar rundes Gesicht

6. Curly hair

If you have curly hair and a round face, you should add some head.

Kurzes Haar für runde Gesichter-6

7. Pixie style

Stil für runde Frauen. Beautiful dark pixie cut style for round women.

Kurzes Haar für runde Gesichter-7

8. Charlize Theron

Charlize Theron does not have a round face, but her curled, short bob hair is perfect for round faces.

Kurzes Haar für runde Gesichter-8

9. Round Face Curly Short Hair

If you want to have bob hairstyle and curly hair, you should go with chin length bob hairstyles like this:

Kurzes Haar für runde Gesichter-9

10. Medium Bob Hair

Her dark bob hairstyles with medium length look very good.

Kurzes Haar für runde Gesichter-10

11. Black women

Side split pony with pixie style would look good on black women.

Kurzes Haar für runde Gesichter-11

12. Pixie cut round face

This pixie cut looks really cute and gorgeous and is a nice option for women with thin hair.

Kurzes Haar für runde Gesichter-12

13. Norah Jones

Norah Jones wears a wavy short bob style with a short pony.

Kurzes Haar für runde Gesichter-13

14. Fine hair 2018

Kurzes Haar für runde Gesichter-14

15. Nice black hair

She has plump chic and round face and rocks this dark pixie style!

Kurzes Haar für runde Gesichter-15

16. Nice elf

Her dark pixie with waves and red lipstick makes her look fabulous.

Kurzes Haar für runde Gesichter-16

17. Fashionable layered hair

This short bob hairstyle with bangs looks really stylish and sweet.

Kurzes Haar für runde Gesichter-17

18th vintage short hairstyle

Kurzes Haar für runde Gesichter-18

19. Short blonde pixie cut

This bright blonde pixie cut with dark roots is a great wat to show off your face and body.

Kurzes Haar für runde Gesichter-19

20. Bob hairstyle

Beautiful Bob Hairstyle by Eva Longoria would be the one you were looking for!

Kurzes Haar für runde Gesichter-20

21. Best Cute Short Layered Haircut

Finally, as we said before, prickly and voluminous hair on the head can create a much more oval face.

Kurzes Haar für runde Gesichter-21


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