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Must-See Short Hair Colors for 2018

The best way to spice up your style is a new haircut and a new hair color. Hair color trends will evolve into more natural and stylish looks in 2018. Let’s show you the best hair trends you should choose:

1. Short Ombre Hairstyle

Ombre hair color trend is still popular with women, but make sure that your ombre The color is very well mixed.

Kurzes farbiges Haar

2. Short gray blond hair color

Gray blonde or ash blonde hair color is very popular among young and older women, it creates a sophisticated look with a bob haircut.

Kurze Haarfarben

3. Dark Gray Bob Hair Color

. Dark gray hair color is also great as an Ombre color, it definitely changes your style with a beautiful Layered Bob hairstyle .

Haarfarbe Ideen für kurzes Haar

4. Beautiful blonde lights

Highlights is one of the best ways to spice up your style, it will give the glow you’ve been looking for.

Haarfarben für kurzes Haar

5. Pastel hair color

Patel hair colors are one of the most common hair colors for young women, you can go with an ombre pastel pink and gray like her:

Kurze Haarfarben

6. Pale purple

If you want to give some color to your pixie cut, but not so obviously, try to make this pale purple hair color really dark when there is not so much light.

Kurze Haarfarben-6

7. Nice blond hair

Blonde hair is one of the most eye-catching looks and will not go out of fashion. There are many different blonde hair colors to choose from.

Kurzes Haar Farben-7

8. Blonde Elf

Ash blonde or bleached hair definitely looks modern and stylish with a rejuvenated pixie style.

Kurzes Haar Farben-8

9. Copper red

Kurzes Haar Farben-9

10. Dark red

Kurze Haarfarben-10

11. Bicolor


12. Natural hair with color

Kurze Haarfarben-12

13. Cool colors

Kurze Haarfarben-13

14. Stylish blue hair

Kurzes Haar Farben-14

15. Blond colored natural hair

Kurze Haarfarben-15

16. Light gray hair

Kurzes Haar Farben-16

17. Undercut blond hair

Kurze Haarfarben-17

18. Girl with white hair

Kurze Haarfarben-18

Did you like that? Das haben wir für dich ausgesucht? Hair Color Ideas That we have chosen for you? Tell us your favorite color and stay tuned!


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