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New Year's Eve 2018 Hairstyles: Little Hair Magic Secrets

The hairstyles for the new year 2018 of our readers should be really fantastic! In this magical night, every woman, regardless of her age, waits for a miracle in her heart … We all know that miracles begin calmly, perhaps in our own warm thoughts, smiles and joy. And the woman’s trust in her own irresistibility naturally causes her positive emotions. Here we have prepared cool party hairstyle photos to inspire you and see the latest fashion shows.

Read our “New Year 2018 Hairstyles: Little Hair Magic Secrets” article.

Main principles: New Year 2018 hairstyles

New Year 2018 hairstyles should of course be ultra-modern! It’s the best time to refuse old-fashioned hard styling! By the way, we can also tell you . Let’s learn perfect secrets for new years.

  • No excessive fixation! Modern cool party hairstyles look natural. Naughty loose strands are your good friends, not enemies. Use this nuance: Carefree loose pieces of big bread rolls.

  • Base on your picture. If it inspires fairy tales, show your own interpretation of the character!
  • Make a romantic option – side braids with a few loose strands. It’s wow! Although every braid makes you look like a princess this year.

  • Avoid ordered baroque curls – get closer to naturalness. Remember, Sandro Botticelli Venus Hair Renaissance is in 2018 and for New Years Hair
  • Simplicity is alright! Individuality is in demand! Even simple straight hair will be festive with small accessories that tell about your taste.

New Years Hair: Festive Accessories 2018

Accessories boom on catwalks makes it clear: they need New Year’s Eve 2018 hairstyles! Let’s find out the trendiest ideas!

  • Simple band around the head makes the hairstyle already bright!

  • Maybe you like lace headband more? Get it! Buy finished or make a unique yourself. Decorate with gemstones or thin chains. What else is needed for cool party hairstyles!

  • Of course, the eco-life philosophy is reflected in fashion. Use naturalistic motives: birds, flowers and of course snowflakes!
  • All jeweled tiaras and headbands are welcome!

  • Fantasy style accessory fits New Year’s Eve hair better than anything!

Cool party hairstyles: Farbfest 2018

The hairstyles of the new year 2018 would not be full without big colors, since the party itself is very bright and positive! The year’s fashion offers a great range: from all natural shades to the brightest purple (new black 2018!).

  • All silverlings that lightly come on gray hair are welcome.

  • If you are not ready for constant light color, but how is it when to try, if not now? Get haircuts or tint shampoo and celebrate New Year’s Eve party!

  • Glow in dark hair dyes are what you need for cool party hairstyles!

Hopefully our article “New Year 2018 Hairstyles: Little Hair Magic Secrets” inspired your great festive look! COOL HAIRCUTS wish you a happy new year and … happy life – regardless of the calendar date!

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