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Our favorite celebrities with short haircuts

Today we have the pictures of our favorite celebrities with short haircuts for you to get some inspiration, check our gallery below and enjoy our gallery!

1. Scarlett Johansson

, Hochsteckfrisuren sind wirklich schöne Optionen für Bob Frisur. There are many hairstyling options for women with short hair , updos are really nice options for bob hairstyle.

Promis mit kurzem Haar

2. Alison Lohman

Layering helps you to style your hair much easier.

Promi Kurzhaarschnitte

3. Jennifer Lawrence

ist einer der am meisten bevorzugten Bobs unserer Zeit. Jennifer Lawrence wavy Bob Hairstyle is one of the most preferred bobs of our time.

Promi Kurzes Haar 2018

4. Kristen Stewart

If you want to practice a really unique and masculine style here is a good example.

Kurze Promi-Haarschnitte

5. Cate Blanchett

Cate Blanchett’s side shared short bob hair with layering a great inspiration for middle-aged women.

Celeb kurzes Haar

6. Ciara

Ash blonde hair color and this messy bob hairstyle looks really modern and chic on her.

Promis mit kurzen Haaren schneidet-6

7. Mary Elizabeth

Here’s a cute short bob hairstyle with layers for brunettes.

Promis mit kurzen Haaren schneidet-7

8. Kylie Jenner

Klylie Jenner wears a really simple dark bob hairstyle with a voluminous and messy bob.

Promis mit kurzen Haaren schneidet-8

9. Caitlin Fitzgerald

Golden blonde deep side shared Bob Hairstyle is styled in beautiful loose waves.

Promis mit kurzen Haaren schneidet-9

10. Alison Marion Lohman

If you have a thin hair texture, this short hairstyle would be a nice example for you:

Promis mit kurzen Haarschnitten-10

11. Annalynne McCord

Short blonde hairstyle by Annalynne McCord and blonde curly hair definitely looks stylish and stylish.

Promis mit kurzen Haaren schneidet-11

12. Michelle Williams

Michelle Williams looks really great with her blonde short haircut and long side swept pony.

Promis mit kurzen Haaren schneidet-12

13. Kirsten Dunst

Here’s a really cute side-sharing blonde pixie cut by Kristen Dunst that you can inspire:

Promis mit kurzen Haaren Cuts-13

14. Jaimie Alexander

Messy Short Bob Hairstyles are very popular with women even for Red Carpet events.

Promis mit kurzen Haarschnitten-14

15. Pink

Platinum blonde, messy with layering … Here’s a unique pink style!

Promis mit kurzen Haaren Cuts-15

16. Kate Mara

Promis mit kurzen Haaren schneidet-16

17. Olivia Thirlby

Here’s a really cute and cute pixie style for brunettes, pony give a really gorgeous look to this style.

Promis mit kurzen Haaren schneidet-17

18. Michelle Williams

Hairband can make a real statement about your short hair.

Promis mit kurzen Haaren schneidet-18

19. Kristen Stewart

Slicked back hairstyles are the perfect way to style your short hair for special occasions.

Promis mit kurzen Haaren schneidet-19

20. Evangeline Lilly

Here is an Ombre Bob hairstyle with chaotic waves and volume.

Promis mit kurzen Haaren schneidet-20


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