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Plus Size Clothing at New York Fashion Week


When it comes to fashion catwalks, the size fits little. But that changes and today we talk to him and we show him clothes that we saw at Fashion Week in New York. It’s official: The week of fashion New York City has finally opened up more beauty in all sizes.

Dress sizes we saw at New York Fashion Week

Plus Size Kleidung Week-Fashion-New-York-Rock-Blumen

Since we all know the subject of big and small models and clothing sizes well and the diversity in the fashion industry has been much discussed for many years. As a result, we saw models of all sizes, generations and races on New York’s Fashion Week in the runways.

Plus Size Kleidung Week-Fashion-New-York-2018

Every year, more designers worry about the diversity of their designs. During New York Fashion Week, 9 designers included curved models. The total of 208 models were part of this event both on the slopes and in the presentations.

Plus size clothing is the best of Fashion Week in New York

Plus Size Kleidung Week-Fashion-New-York-Baner

This is a record number in the history of New York Fashion Week. In these photos we show you some of the fascinating looks that show the beauties of female curves and big clothes on the catwalk.

Plus Size Kleidung-Woche-Mode-New-York-Schönheit

Only 27 oversize models appeared last year, but this year’s 2018 Fashion Runway saw 31.5% of designers include more size models. Among the designers who had plus-size models in their programs is Christian Siriano. The young designer regularly invites models with curves into their presentations.

Plus Size Kleidung-Woche-Mode-New-York-Bikini

Addition Elle is another brand that represents diversity this year. Other brands including plus-size models include Michael Kors, Prabal Gurung, Chromat, Anna Sui, Rebecca Minkoff and The Blonds.

Plus Size Kleidung-Woche-Mode-New-York-Rock-Top

This season has been very different because in recent years we’ve heard a lot about the weight and image of the models, but just talking, but now the designers are practicing what they’re talking about. We saw several women with curves on the catwalk and the designers offered different sample sizes, created big clothes and showed the female curves in a nice way. The show by Michael Kors¹ was one of the most commented on and although the designer shows clothing for women of various sizes from small to tall on the catwalk, it shows that every woman should be represented.


The movement continued in the European collections. Even in Paris, a city known for its skinny models, there were signs of hope from the appearance of Katy Syme and Stella Duval in H & M.


While shows with models with more curves still make up only a small portion of the designs presented, the switch to realism on the catwalk has long been refreshing and anticipated.


This season was different than in the previous seasons and nobody missed it. They felt that there was a real commitment among designers to represent all kinds of women on the catwalk who they had not felt before.


There are new models every year at Fashion Week, but for the first time it was really possible to see progress. Tome and Christian Siriano have included more curvy models in their shows than last year.

Plus Size Kleidung bei New York Fashion Week

Even though the fashion world is taking small steps, these steps are something that needs to be recognized. We’re sure the day will come when designers will feel confident enough to be more ambitious in designing and fitting women of all sizes.





1 Michael Kors

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