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Really pretty 20 short blonde hairstyles

Blonde hair is one of the most attractive hair color for a woman, it looks both nicey and innocent. Nowadays, there are many different shades of blond hair color from golden blond to ashen blond. Here is what we have chosen for you:

1. Long Blonde Pixie Hair

Ash blonde hair color and layering creates a beautiful texture and modern style for these women, rejuvenating back make this pixie very easy to style haircut.

Kurzes, blondes Haar

2. Short blond wavy hair

es ist cool, aber eine wirklich stilvolle Möglichkeit, neue Looks zu kreieren. Platinum blonde hair color has always been the most preferred blonde hair color it’s cool, but a really stylish way to create new looks.

Kurze blonde Frisuren

3. Acacia Brinley Short Hair

Baby blonde hair color and longer Pixie cut with pony look really good on women with light skin tone and blue eyes.

Blondes kurzes Haar

4th platinum blond

This platinum blonde long pixie haircut is absolutely stylish and layered creates a beautiful texture and style.

Kurzes Haar Blond

5. Bob with balayage

This multi-layer bob hairstyle is dyed with golden blond hair, which makes this model look appealing and chic.

Kurze blonde Haarschnitte

6. Long Bob

Here is a really modern and fresh long bob hairstyle with light layering and platinum hair color.

Kurze blonde Frisuren-6

7. Ash Blonde Pixie cut

Ash blonde hair color, dark roots and layering is ideal for middle-aged women with medium to dark skin tones.

Kurze blonde Frisuren-7

8. Blonde reversed bob

Asymmetric and inverted bob haircuts are perfect for girls who like to wear different hairstyles and styles.

Kurze blonde Frisuren-8

9. Nice girl with Blonde Bob

Here is an ash blonde, wavy bob hairstyle that you can create this messy look with a little hair mousse and hair spray.

Kurze blonde Frisuren-9

Let’s take a look at other blonde hair colors and short hairstyles:

10. Very short elf

Kurze blonde Frisuren-10

11. Rose Gold Blonde Elf

Kurze blonde Frisuren-11

12. Asymmetric Bob

Kurze blonde Frisuren-12

13. White blond hair

Kurze blonde Frisuren-13

14. Short hair with undercut

Kurze blonde Frisuren-14

15. Blonde lights

Kurze blonde Frisuren-15

16. Blonde Pixie

Kurze blonde Frisuren-16

17. Chic Shaggy Bob

Kurze blonde Frisuren-17

18. Pixie cut with a long pony

Kurze blonde Frisuren-18

19. Inverted long bob

Kurze blonde Frisuren-19

20. Kim Hnizdo

Kurze blonde Frisuren-20


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