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Really stylish short wavy hairstyle ideas

der letzten Jahre. Wavy hairstyles are the biggest hair trend of recent years. So in our gallery we rounded up Really stylish short wavy hairstyle ideas For you this season you get the new look!

1. Izzie Stevens

Wavy styles have had a great moment in recent years and you can easily create a beautiful style with a bob haircut.

Kurzhaarschnitt für welliges Haar

2. Short wavy hairstyle

Asymmetrical short hairstyles look good with wavy hairstyles like this one below:

Kurze gewellte Frisuren

3. Short blue wavy hair

Waves and messy styles are great for thick hair texture and pastel colors show the whole style!

Kurze Frisuren welliges Haar

4. Rose Gold Short wavy hair

Rose hair color will be in trends in the future and it definitely looks stunning on this wavy bob style.

Haarschnitte für kurzes welliges Haar

5. Short wavy pixie cut

Wavy and dark elf styles effortlessly give you a refined look.

Kurzer gewellter Haarschnitt

6. Thick wavy hair

Has thick and wavy hair? Here’s a great way to improve your style: Bob with side pops and messy style.

Kurze wellige Frisur-6

7. Loose waves

This bob hairstyle with choppy layers and highlights is a great inspiration for black women.

Kurze gewellte Frisur-7

8. Ombre color

Look at this natural and beautiful bob hairstyle and release waves!

Kurze gewellte Frisur-8

9. Candace Cameron

Angled Bob Hairstyle by Candace Cameron is style in beautiful perfect waves for an event.

Kurze wellige Frisur-9

10. Long bob wavy hair

Asymmetrical bob hairstyle, one side is hidden behind the ear and layers are showing nicely.

Kurze wellige Frisur-10

11. Fat wavy bob

Has thick and naturally wavy hair? Here is slightly bob hairstyle and copper hair color.

Kurze gewellte Frisur-11

12. Hollywood waves

Hollywood waves can be worn with a long bob hairstyle for special occasions.

Kurze wellige Frisur-12

13. Outgrowth

If you go pixie the best way to style, it’s messy styles and add some layering.

Kurze gewellte Frisur-13

14. Dark Bob

This dark and wavy bob hairstyle would be a nice inspiration for black ladies.

Kurze gewellte Frisur-14

15. Thick hair with pony

Do you have thick hair? mit seitlich gefegtem Pony und unordentlichem Stil. Here is a beautiful wavy and beautiful short haircut with swept-off pony and messy style.

Kurze gewellte Frisur-15

16. Super short

Pixie Cut Stile-16

17. Short blonde Pixie

Pixie Cut Styles-17

18. Rear view

Pixie Cut Styles-18

19. Rihanna short cut

Pixie Cut Styles-19

20. Short cut-off pixie haircut

Lastly we will show you pixie haircut with choppy layering and prickly style.

Pixie Cut Stile-20


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