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Really Trendy Asymmetric Pixie Cuts

für diesen Herbst! Women generally want to update their looks with a new season that you can have new short haircut for this fall! Here are the best pictures of Real Trendy Asymmetric Pixie Cuts that you might want to give a chance:

1. Asymmetric pixie hair

Pixie cuts are so versatile and so chic that you can find a great haircut for every style.

Asymmetrische Pixie Cut

2. Sassy Pixie cut

mit langem Pony wäre eine gute Wahl. If you want to wear a short hairstyle, but not all want to go short, a cheeky pixie cut with a long bangs would be a good choice.

Asymmetrische Pixie Haarschnitt

3. Lara Bingle

Here is a page shared pixie cut with golden blonde highlights and asymmetrical cut.

Asymmetrische Pixie Cuts

4. Lily Collins

Lily Collins sports messy long pixie cut with layering and wet look.

Kurzer Asymmetrischer Pixie-Haarschnitt

5. Layered Asymmetric Pixie

Here’s a nice superimposed pixie cut with an asymmetrical style and beautiful pastel hair color.

Asymmetrische Pixie-Stil

6. Asymmetrical Pixie Bob

Pixie cuts can be so versatile that you can call this asymmetric pixie Pixie Bob!

Asymmetrische Pixie Cut-6

7. Spiny layers

Prickly layers and purple highlights give this platinum a really pleasant atmosphere of blonde pixie hair.

Asymmetrische Pixie Cut-7

8. Pixie with a long pony

Long bangs are great for creating a sweet and beautiful asymmetrical style.

Asymmetrische Pixie Cut-8

9. Gray blonde

Here’s a cool and trendy pixie cut with gray hair color and layering.

Asymmetrische Pixie Cut-9

10. Different style

Asymmetrical styles can be chosen by women with round or oval face shapes.

Asymmetrische Pixie Cut-10

11. Style A Pixie Cut

There are many different hairstyling options for Pixie Cut, as you will see these two styles below would be a nice inspiration for you!

Asymmetrische Pixie Cut-11

12. Black hair

Here is a short pixie cut with shave pages and wispy bangs.

Asymmetrische Pixie Cut-12

13. Long pony

Here is a dark pixie hairstyle with sweeping side long bangs and layers. This is a perfect look for ladies with straight hair.

Asymmetrische Pixie Cut-13

14. Fine hair

If you have fine hair, this asymmetrical pixie cut with choppy layering is a good choice.

Asymmetrische Pixie Cut-14

15. Wavy Asymmetrical Pixie

Here is a nice ombre pixie cut with shaved sides for wavy hair texture.

Asymmetrische Pixie Cut-15

16. Silver gray short hair

Silver blue hair color is one of the best ways to accentuate your gorgeous pixie hair with asymmetrical cut.

Asymmetrische Pixie Cut-16

17. Side Shaved Pixie cut

Shaved faces and undercut styles are popular with both long and short hairstyles, and look unique and stylish with Pixies.

Asymmetrische Pixie Cut-17

18. Short Asymmetric

Asymmetrische Pixie Cut-18

19. Kate Mara

One side is behind her ear and a side with pony is chaotic and natural, this look is just cute, but stylish.

Asymmetrische Pixie Cut-19

20. Hair color trend

You can add a really nice touch to your look with a trendy hair color like this pastel pink:

Asymmetrische Pixie Cut-20


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