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Short Balayage Hairstyle Ideas for 2018

Having short hair is amazing, because modern trends allow you to experiment. Short balayage hairstyles for the year 2018 will help you get an idea of ​​what your short hair looks like. Balayage looks are about seamless transitions that do not have hard lines. If you are a modern woman and love to look good, look at the ideas we have selected and choose your version of a short hairstyle.

Caramel brunette

Caramel continues to be one of the most sought after shades among women around the world. The maroon hair color is peppered with caramel accents. The roots are dark and look super natural. With such a hair color you do not have to worry about regular retouching. Show this image of your hair color and ask for the same style. Dark and toffee balayage hair color

If you are not in caramel shade, go for something more sophisticated like toffee highlights. It is darker than the caramel clay. Women who think that brunettes are more fun than blondes should not miss their chance to cast such a shadow. In fact, this look would not be complete without a proper haircut. Razor Bob is something you should try yourself. Blended Balayage Short Hair

You may have heard of the mixed Balayage version, which is twice as cool and catchy. The blended version of Balayage offers a more natural effect. This option is for those with brunette locks. The best thing about this look is that even after you grow out, you will not notice your roots. Stick-Straight styling brings out all the beautiful tones in the locks.

Dirty blond hair color

This dirty blond hair color is everything. The great look requires little maintenance. It is flavored with a touch of brown and blond tones that are combined to create a seamless color combination. Medium blond hair is styled in half a half, paired with twists and mini pigtails. Light platinum highlights are handy for lightening the face and letting the color stand out.

Short Balayage silver hair

It is a dreamy dyeing for all trendsetters and hipsters. The best thing about this color is how cool it is in summer as well as in winter. This bold silver screen guarantees a lot of attention. As far as you can see, the clay is used for medium-length hair, which is slightly wavy and half-height up to half protected. Balayage is the technique you need to work with the shadows.

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