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Short haircuts for Chubby Faces

Do you have a face that is full and on the thick side, and wondering which type of haircut would be appropriate? It’s really true that styling can help to reduce a bit of the plummeting face and you can discuss with your hairdresser how you can achieve it a great hairstyle that works for you. ist eine gute Wahl, da es Ihre Funktionen definiert. If you are comfortable with an extra short hairstyle, short cropping is a good choice as it defines your functions. You can also use a game of layers around your face to have a stylish and modern hairstyle. für molliges Gesicht sind keine unangefochtene beste Wahl für Frauen. Short hairstyles for a chubby face are not the undisputed best choices for women. If you have the face with thick cheeks and double chin, it is better to prefer hairstyles with long strands that fall on the cheeks and cover them, making the shape of the face more perfect. With that in mind, here is our ultimate list of short haircuts for Chubby Faces.

1. Long Layered Pixie Haircut for Round Chubby Face

Lange Layered Pixie Cut für Runde Chubby Gesicht


2. Short brown haircut for Chubby Faces

Beste kurze Haarschnitte für Chubby Faces


3. Chubby face with short hair

Chubby Face Short Feines Haar

4. Sweet shoulder length haircut for Chubby faces

Nette geschichtete kurze Haarschnitte für Chubby Faces

5. Sweet Short Blonde Pixie Haircut for Chubby Faces

Nette kurze Pixie-Haarschneide-Ideen für mollige Gesichter


6. Bob Hair with Side Bangs for Chubby Face

Bob-Haar-Ideen für chubby Gesichter

7. Bob Hairstyle with Pony for Chubby Faces

Bob-Haar mit Pony-Ideen für mollige Gesichter

8. Straight Short Hairstyle for Chubby Faces

Gerade kurze Haar-Ideen für Chubby Faces

9. Straight Short Layered Hairstyle for Chubby Faces

Gerades kurzes geschichtetes Haar-Bilder für mollige Gesichter


10. Nice chubby face with short hairstyle

Chubby Gesicht mit kurzen Haarschnitten Ideen


11. Chubby face with cute short curly haircut

Chubby Gesicht mit kurzen lockigen Haarschnitten Bilder


12. Chubby Face with short blonde pixie haircut

Beste Chubby Gesicht mit kurzen Pixie Haarschnitte

13. Short brown hairstyle for chubby round faces

Schöne kurze Haarschnitte für Chubby Round Faces


14. Short Straight Haircut for Chubby Round Faces

Kurze gerade Frisuren für Chubby Round Faces

15. Nice red short Elf for Chubby Faces

Red Short Pixie für Chubby Gesichter


16. Layered Red Shorthair for Chubby Face

Geschichtete kurze Haare Pony Ideen für Chubby Face


17. Wavy Short Hair for Asian Chubby Faces

Gewellte kurze Haarschnitte für Chubby Faces


18. Layered Long Pixie Hair for Chubby Faces

Layered Pixie Short Haircuts für Chubby Gesichter


19. Layered Long Pixie Short Hairstyle for Chubby Faces

Geschichtete lange Pixie Short Hair Ideen für Chubby Faces


20. Chubby Face with layered Brown Bob

Chubby Gesichter mit geschichteten Bob Haarschnitte



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