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Short hairstyles that we love in 2018

Who does not always want to bring his look up to date? In this post we have collected the pictures of Short hairstyles that we love 2018! nehmen Sie jetzt eine von ihnen als Ihre nächste Frisur an! Look at these beautiful short haircut ideas now accept one of them as your next hairstyle!

1. Choppy Bob

The autumn has arrived so choppy layered bob is the perfect dyed and cut.

Kurze Frisuren 2018

2. Trendy short haircut 2018

das kann für viele verschiedene Anlässe anders getragen werden. Here is a trendy bob hairstyle that can be worn differently for many different occasions.

Kurze Frisur Styles 2018

3. Short Bob for 2018

Shorts Bobs are so chic and cool that long hair on the front of the head creates a sophisticated look.

Kurze Frisuren für Frauen 2018

4. Krissa Fowles

Midsection Bob hairstyle with angled style is styled in half updo, as you can see.

Kurzhaarschnitt Stil 2018

5. Short blond hair

Here is platinum blonde short hairstyle with laterally fingered bangs framing her eyes and lips.

Kurze Stilhaarschnitte 2018

6. White hair

White hair color and messy style give this pixie a truly unique style.

Kurze Frisuren 2018-6

7. Wedge Pixie

If you have thin and straight hair, dark roots and layers will help you create a voluminous look.

Kurze Frisuren 2018-7

8. Highlighted hair

Here’s a short hairstyle with Side Pony and highlights to give you a nice style.

Kurze Frisuren 2018-8

9. Red elf

As you can see, pixie cuts with layers are perfect for any face and you can add a nice style with red color.

Kurze Frisuren 2018-9

10. Super short

Super short haircuts and buzz cuts are great ways to accentuate your facial features and eyes.

Kurze Frisuren 2018-10

11. Short reversed bob

Dark hair color and short bob hair are the perfect look for a nicey style, so you can go with this if you want to get some attention.

Kurze Frisuren 2018-11

12. Blonde highlights

This gorgeous reverse bob hairstyle with quilted back and blonde highlights is a really nice look for women of all ages.

Kurze Frisuren 2018-12

13. Longer elf

Longer pixie styles with long bangs and asymmetrical style is also very important in young women.

Kurze Frisuren 2018-13

14. Trendy cut

Angled and reversed bob hairstyles are still in the trends for 2018, so you can adopt this hairstyle for a cool and stylish look.

Kurze Frisuren 2018-14

15. With headband

Vintage-inspired looks have become so popular lately that this headband bob hair may be a good idea to create a chic look.

Kurze Frisuren 2018-15

16th Asian style

If you have thick and straight hair, you can go with this Asian pixie style.

Kurze Frisuren 2018-16

17. Asymmetric hairstyle

Asymmetric pixie cut with highlights and spiky style can be worn by women who want to get some attention.

Kurze Frisuren 2018-17

18. Bob cuts purple hair

Short dark bob hairstyle with dark blue-purple hues determines her facial features.

Kurze Frisuren 2018-18

19. Young haircut for girls

This pixie cut, which looks like a young haircut, is great for creating a masculine style.

Kurze Frisuren 2018-19

20. Violante Placido

Lastly, we show you your brunette bob hair with layering at the end of the hair, which beautifully emphasize her eyes.

Kurze Frisuren 2018-20


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