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Short layered Bob pictures you'll love

. Bob hairstyles are very popular and you can create a stylish look with superimposed short bob hairstyles . In our post we show you short layered Bob pictures that you will love !

1. Layered fat bob

Layers are for both thin and thin thick hair , you can give your hair a little lightness by adding some layering at the end of the hair.

Kurz geschichtetes Bob

2. Medium short layered bob

Here’s a nice layer of Bob hairstyle that would look great on women with thick hair.

Kurze geschichtete Bob Frisuren

3. Blonde highlights

mit seitlich gefegtem Pony und blonden Highlights ist das Gesicht rahmend und schick. Layered short hairstyles with swept-off pony and blonde highlights make the face creamy and chic.

Kurz geschichtete Bob Haarschnitte

4. Graduated Bob

Chocolate Brown Hair Color looks great with this textured and layered short bob hair.

Kurz geschichtete Bobs

5. Short stratified bob

Choppy layers are ideal for structured and vibrant hair.

Kurze Schicht Bob Haarschnitt

6. Layered blonde

Bob Hairstyle can be as versatile with layering as you can see, this short bob looks textured and chic.

Kurz geschichtetes Bob-6

7. Rear view

This short bob hair with red highlights bangs and layers is a perfect style for women of all ages.

Kurz geschichtetes Bob-7

8. wavy hair

Look at this natural-looking Bob Hair! Laterally split chaotic style with ash brown hair color is a sweet and stylish option for young ladies.

Kurz geschichtetes Bob-8

9. With pony

Pony adds a really nice touch to your look, as you can see in this picture below:

Kurz geschichtetes Bob-9

10. Graduated Bob

Here is a cute and stylish graded bob hairstyle with layers and pony sides.

Kurz geschichtetes Bob-10

11. Choppy Bob

Blonde, bent and choppy … This bob could be anything you need!

Kurz geschichtetes Bob-11

12. Sassy style

Here is a beautiful short bob hair with layering and cheeky style.

Kurz geschichtetes Bob-12

13. Side Bangs

Side bangs are perfect with short haircuts, especially if you have a heart-shaped face.

Kurz geschichtetes Bob-13

14. chopped layered

If you have a thick hair texture, these choppy layers will help you to style your hair much easier.

Kurz geschichtetes Bob-14

15. Simple cut

Finally, we show you the back view of a multi-layer bob hairstyle for blond hair.

Kurz geschichtetes Bob-15


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