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Square Haircut: New Trends

Some haircuts for women became legends … This immortal hairstyle was uncovered in ancient Egypt when resurrected as a 20th century emancipation fashion symbol and transformed now to rule hair trends in 2018 ! We mean square haircut .

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Before we let you know about the latest changes, we suggest some rules to help you find the best option.

  • Young ladies with fine details can safely put on open square short square. Looks very stylish!
  • Choose graduated square with torn off tips for the heavy features of the round face.
  • Haircuts for women , just below the chin with a thick bang, fits perfectly to an elongated face with a high forehead.
  • Spherical square with inverted tips fits face with wide cheekbones, slightly pointed chin and soft features.

Haircuts for women : Blunt Bob

Blunt Bob became one of the most popular hair trends in 2018 . It’s Square and Bob combination, means square shape with Bob’s rounded corners and volume on the crown. This haircut is suitable for both thick and thin hair.

Blunt Bob with long side strands is especially fashionable haircuts 2018 . Such haircuts fit almost everyone; However, consult with a specialist before making a choice.

Blunt Bob should look good with any kind of pony. Watch out for long side swept pony leads in hair trends 2018 . If the haircut is made with torn edges, then the pony should be oblique or torn. Smooth haircut edges need a straight bangs.

Haircuts 2018 brought back grunge tendencies. If you like it, add Rebellion to your graduated Blunt Bob image. Such haircuts for women are considered very practical in styling. Required shape can easily be given with hair dryer. Graduated strands extend slightly near the face. Such a picture should be suitable for girls who love extravagance.

Hair Trends 2018 : Double Square Haircut

Bold Double Square became new black between the Haircuts 2018 ! Such a square haircut contains two clear layers; Each of them is graded and profiled.

It does not suit everyone, has a lot of time for styling. But the result should always be impressive!

The best double rooms are suitable for people with thin hair. Lush hair should be richly feathered; otherwise it is impossible to style.

Hopefully our article “Square Haircut: New Tendencies” should begin your magical remodeling! Wait for new stuff about Haircuts 2018 by COOL HAIRCUTS!

Square Haarschnitt: Neue Tendenzen

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