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Steampunk fashion – great ideas that cause anger


Steampunk Fashion Is a term that you probably already met in recent years through your Internet travel.

But what is the steampunk style? If you’re too shy to ask your friends what it’s all about, do not worry, we’ll explain it to you.

Steampunk-Mode für Kinder

Steampunk is a subculture that includes fashion, music, literature, movies, DIY models and games. Inspired by Victorian aesthetics and cyberpunk, he joined pop culture in the late 2000s.

Style and Trends: Steampunk Fashion


Cup (a cruel, but not entirely unfair stereotype) to complicated transformations of traditional Victorian fashion. The most basic definition of a steampunk suit is something that is inspired by the Victorian era, but it’s not a direct replica. Popular themes include eyewear, top hats, laces, corsets and modified armor.

Viktorianische Mode Steampunk

Steampunk fashion grew out of DIY Cosplay, historical renaissance-style reconstructions, and burlesque styles. At a steampunk event, today you’ll see everything from functional wristwatches to a Victorian remix of Princess Leia. Steampunk costumes include the most complex and imaginative fan conventions, but the basic principles are still easily recognizable: Victorian-inspired silhouettes, leather, buckles, false armor, retrofuturistic weapons, and lots of bronze and brown.


The Difference Engine, a science fiction novel from 1990 by Bruce Sterling and William Gibson, is often described as the basis for modern steampunk. However, there are many earlier inspirations such as the 19th-century French illustrator Albert Robida, Victorian science-fiction films such as Time After Time (1979), and several Victorian pastiche novels written in the 1970s and 1980s, such as KW Jeter’s hellish devices.

kurzes Kleid

By the end of 2000, the genre had entered mainstream entertainment through films like The League of Extraordinary Knights. As steampunk literature became more popular with fans of science fiction and fantasy, steampunk fashion and music flourished in the Gothic scene and in cabaret.


Now Steampunk is a massive subculture with numerous branches and creative outlets, with conventions around the world.


Fireplace) and Wild West Steampunk.


Other influences of this style can also be found in video games like Dishonored and Bioshock Infinite.


Steampunk fashion is a combination of elegance and functionality. It’s a literary genre, a sense of style, a community and a state of mind. Basically, it looks at the future through the eyes of the past.

Steampunk modisches Outfit

For some, steampunk can mean fashion and style, for others it’s a literary world that awakens intrigue and endless possibilities, for others it’s still an art form.


Steampunk can be a way of life, an accent for a personality or the romance that is made mechanically. There are many meanings and inspirations that can arise from this culture, as its nature suggests unlimited potential and the manifestation of inventions and ideas.

Steampunk Zubehör

Where did the steampunk style come from? While the genus Steampunk was heavily influenced by writers such as HG Wells and Jules Verne in the 19th century, the name of the genus existed only in the 1980s of the last century. KW Jeter, along with a handful of other authors, wrote in this style, but had no genre name to describe this type of writing. Cyberpunk became a popular genre of the time and Jeter had blatantly suggested steampunk as a term to describe the Victorian genre of science fiction and fantasy.

Fashion Steampunk ideas for men


In terms of fiction and literature, the Steampunk genre is a fantastic approach to the Victorian era with a futuristic spin on steam-powered technology. This genre may take the form of science fiction, or it may emerge from the magnificence of a Victorian era. Typically, the steampunk works are written as an alternate type of fiction in the history that redefines the world if steam technology had been the dominant source of power and electricity was never invented, which can often be added. A little mysticism and fantasy for every story.

Steampunk fashion accessories and supplements

Steampunk Zubehör für Frauen

Once reserved as a literary genre, Steampunk mastered the inventive, elegant style in the world of fashion, art and architecture. The concept of steampunk-style gadgets and clothing in the world of fiction offered a temptation too big for fans and so steampunk was transformed from the fantasy of a dreamer to a real style. Now artists, designers, sculptors and even the old simple tinkerers are devoting all their skill and talent to the steampunk realization.

Make-up und Steampunk-Zubehör

Steampunk art can be found in everyday objects such as computers, cell phones, and furniture in a celebration of glass, brass, leather, and Victorian fantasy copper. Some can express their steampunk fashion through corsets, petticoats, vests and cylinders, along with technological devices such as lightning weapons, watches and eyewear.

Steampunk Kostüm und Zubehör

Steampunk can be used to explore an alternative story. It can contain a multitude of meanings, but it always returns to the same elements; Victorian elegance, scientific anachronisms and boundless imagination.

Kleid mit Steampunk-Accessoires

Buckles, goggles, pocket watches and a petticoat; All of these items are great additions to a steampunk wardrobe, but Fashion Steampunk goes beyond just to combine some Victorian-style clothing and steam technology accessories. Discovering the right elements for your personality and learning to combine them into a unique look is an important part of the steampunk fashion process. Of course, to find the perfect clothes and accessories to express your passion for fashion steampunk, you need to know where to start.


To start in the right direction, think of Victorian fashion. If lace and velvet are not your style, you may prefer some brown leather from the wardrobe. The Victorian society has taken on more than just the polite courtesy of the upper classes, so there are many styles to choose from that go beyond flounces and swollen clothes, if that’s not your thing. Steampunk, however, is a modernization of the Victorian era, so clothing does not necessarily have to be authentic for that period. Both are just inspired by this style.

langes Kleid

Some examples of standard Victorian ladies’ garments include corsets, long skirts, petticoats, and beautifully curly blouses. Veils and hats are also great additions. If you are looking for accessories, the cameos and brooches would be suitable jewelry options.

schöner Anzug

Men’s cabinets can be made up of jackets, vests, pants and feather quilts. Hats, ties, leather gloves, monocles and canes would also be popular accessories. Using one of these elements as a base gives you a classic authenticity.


Typical Steampunk accessories may include pocket watches, goggles, ammunition belts, weapons or robotic arms. Anything that suggests invention or futurism is probably a good choice. Remember that Steampunk should be an expression of what the style means to the individual. If the goggles are not important to you, do not just add them to your set just to have them. There are no rules to follow, but rather a general reinterpretation of an alternative Victorian story.

Anzug und Hut

Fashion and solve something futuristic, but do not be afraid to give your look its own modern touch. The same goes for female or male accessories; The press buttons for men’s outfits and ammunition belts for women are more than acceptable.

Kleid der Frau

Steampunk fashion, at heart, is based on the Victorian aesthetic style, but embellished and influenced by fiction. While some steampunk costumes are influenced by everyday circumstances, the real steampunk costume is often reserved for special occasions such as steampunk conventions, anime or cosplay.

Hut mit Spitze

Steampunk costumes are traditionally handmade or bought at a thrift store, but it’s not uncommon to see a steampunk wearing mass-produced clothing, usually from websites that specialize in steampunk fashion. Colors also tend to be muted and are rarely bright. The colors are usually neutral, although sometimes reds and blues are also found. Suits are often combined with at least one prominent accessory, such as goggles, umbrellas, cylinders, or any type of mechanical device.

Steampunk fashion – original ideas

Zubehör und Zubehör

Women Steampunk often wear (but not always) full dresses with petticoats, corsets and some sort of hat, often a small, feminine hat or floral pin. However, it is not unusual to see a steampunk woman dressed as a pilot, air pirate or engineer; Steampunk is a genre of adventure and women are often enthusiastically welcomed to join in the fun.

Zubehör und Zubehör Steampunk

The clothing often includes pea coats, riding jackets, flight jackets and transport layers. Women often wear skirts or dresses, but pants are also common. Corsets are also very common and can be indoors or outdoors. Stylish gloves are a common accessory, but adventurous women often wear fingerless gloves.

Zubehör und Zubehör Steampunk-Stil

Steampunk men can take on a variety of characters. They often wear well-ironed suits with jackets, top hats and long, straight coats and wear a traditional Victorian look. However, there is a mischievous variation, often with high leather boots, gloves and goggles.

Steampunk-Stil Zubehör und Zubehör

Scouts, airmen and air pirates can dress for their elements. Landscapers can be dressed in bulky clothing, trousers, tall boots and possibly a hat, cap or helmet. An aviator can put on military aviator suits or bomber jackets and other tight leather accessories. Aviation pirates can do anything above, but add a few feathers.

Original Zubehör und Steampunk Style Zubehör

A pocket watch is a common accessory for steampunk of all genders. In a world where wristwatches do not exist, time can be kept in the pocket of a vest.

Original Steampunk-Stil Add-ons

Original Steampunk Stil Zubehör

Moderne Steampunk-Stil

Steampunk Kleid Kostüm

Steampunk Fashion Cosplay

Original Steampunk Kleid

Steampunk Kleid und Zubehör

Steampunk Mann

Blauer Anzug


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