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Sweet braids and braided hairstyles for 2018

We can always talk about braided hairstyles. Best of all, there are many ways to wear them. If you love to have an elegant and feminine look, you will probably be interested in incorporating some braids into your chignon or top knot. You always have the opportunity to get creative with the pigtails and to try breathtaking hairstyles. If you have no idea how to do that, here are the cutest braids and plaited hairstyles for 2018 . Take your time and look at these pictures.

Ponytail and braids

Long-haired ladies who are tired of ponytails and want to try new variations of ponytails. Here is just one of them. This pony is unique because it contains a carousel braid suitable for everyone. This ponytail is not as hard to reach as you might think. However, it looks exceptionally good on long hair. Page Cornrows

There are so many ways to experiment with cornrows. Aside from cornrows, Side shaved hairstyles are also in the mainstream. Have you ever considered combining these two trends without making big commitments? By interweaving one side, a shaved side is imitated. In fact, this look will never look as fat as those with shaved faces. It is possible to achieve the style on both long and short hair. Dutch braid

Once you master the Dutch pigtail, you can create different updos. Check below to see a gorgeous updo style achieved by twisting the Dutch braid and securing in the updo style. With this updo you can go anywhere – from the gym to the evening party. For this updo you must have medium to long hair. A good hair color is a bonus for this style. Five-strand braid

Here’s a bit of a tricky style that requires some braiding skills. You can ask your friend for help. You need to pull your hair back and make a five-strand braid. The braid should provide you with a nice half to half down hairstyle. With such a beautiful and complex hairstyle everyone will ask to take pictures. It’s an inspiring “do it all”. Halo Braid with tendrils

Well, Halo Braid is possible to create with any type of braid including simple three-string, fishtail, Dutch or French. But only creating a halo is not enough. Leave some flattering ruffled tendrils on the front for an ultra-feminine look like this. It’s one of those simple braided hairstyles that seem pretty complicated.

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