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The Best 20 Short Haircut Ideas for Round Faces

One of the most common face types in the world is the round face shape. wir haben fleißig für euch zusammengebracht. Many women are looking for the right hairstyle for this type of face and if you like short hair and want to try it, you should definitely look at these amazing short hairstyles for round faces we have diligently brought together for you.

Fashion and trends have changed so fast, new hairstyles from 2018 have begun to determine. sind auch in diesem Jahr immer in Mode. And short haircuts are always in fashion this year. Ideen kommen mit so vielen verschiedenen Stilen, dass Sie eine passende Frisur für sich selbst finden können. Besides, these ideas come with so many different styles that you can find a suitable hairstyle for yourself. , Ihre Haartyp und Ihre Gesichtsform. There are 2 important points to find a new perfect short haircut , your hair type and your face shape. geschichtete kurze Haarschnitte , asymmetrische lange Pony Pixiestile oder umgekehrte Bob-Stile . If you have a round face, you should try layered short haircuts , asymmetrical long pony pixie styles, or reverse bob styles . Let’s take a look at these amazing ideas. und schauen Sie sich andere Rundhaarschnitt Artikel an. Even if you still can not find the best short hair for you, click here and look at other round haircut products.

1. Emily Browning short hair cut for round faces

She has a surprisingly sweet, round face, and he always prefers choppy stratified on her haircuts. She also tried Shaggy Pixie, but with this long, choppy layered bobcut she looks really stunning and is a pretty cool option if you want to try a haircut for the first time.

Kurze Frisuren für runde Gesichter

2. Curly short hair for round face shape

Curly-haired women, this page shared the finger curly Bob will be great for you! If you like the bed head style, this short hairstyle will be a great example for you. Curly hair shows that you are pretty happy. . And notice you cut your hair in a way that suits your face, you can get a perfect style .

Kurzes Haar für runde Gesichter

3. Short blonde hair 2018

One of the trendiest haircuts of recent days is the feathery layer, wavy bob hair styles . And asymmetric slicing styles will be amazing for women with rounded faces like this example:

Kurzes Haar für rundes Gesicht

4. Super short haircut for a round face

If you have sweet round face, try absolutely Short Pixie! Amazingly fine blond short hair right here for round facial beauties:

Kurzer Haarschnitt für rundes Gesicht

5. Eva Fernandez Short Hair

Absolutely modern, stylish and elegant haircut . Especially business women will love this haircut. It’s time to try something new! und ins Auge fallend mit diesem perfekt geraden Bob-Haarschnitt. You’ll look sophisticated and eye-catching with this perfectly straight bob haircut.

Kurzes Haar rundes Gesicht

6. Shoulder-length wavy hair

Kurze Frisuren für runde Gesichter-6

7. Asymmetric curly hair

Kurze Frisuren für runde Gesichter-7

8. Melissa Chaty

Kurze Frisuren für runde Gesichter-8

9. Chaotic Chin Length Bob

Kurze Frisuren für runde Gesichter-9

10. Agyness Deyn

Kurze Frisuren für runde Gesichter-10

11. Suede Brooks

Kurze Frisuren für runde Gesichter-11

12. Long Asymmetrical Bob

Kurze Frisuren für runde Gesichter-12

13. Super short blonde pixie cut

Kurze Frisuren für runde Gesichter-13

14. Nice casual Bob

Kurze Frisuren für runde Gesichter-14

15. Blonde longer pixie

Kurze Frisuren für runde Gesichter-15

16. Selena Gomez Short Hair

Kurze Frisuren für runde Gesichter-16

17. Short Bob haircut with chaotic layers

Kurze Frisuren für runde Gesichter-17

18. Short haircut with pony

Kurze Frisuren für runde Gesichter-18

19. Modern short hairstyle for women

Kurze Frisuren für runde Gesichter-19

20. Blonde wavy bob with dark roots

Kurze Frisuren für runde Gesichter-20


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