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The most popular short haircuts for women

The most popular short haircuts for women – New Hairstyles 2018

Just as you know, more and more women are choosing short haircuts than their daily hairstyles. However, there are so many different short hairstyles for us to choose from, which section do you love the most? Here I will list the most popular short haircuts for women in this article.

The eternal inverted Bob

Bob Frisuren
Bob hairstyles for women

When we think of short hairstyles for women, the first image that flashes automatically before our eyes is that of a classic inverted bob. The Bob Haircut is really a classic short hairstyle for many many years, you can find a lot of Bob Hairstyles here.

Pixie cut for women

Pixie Haarschnitt
Pixie haircut

Short Short Pixie Hairstyle is now very popular. Keira Knightley, Halle Berry, Natalie Portman and most recently Emma Watson have fallen in love with the pixie look and the world just loves them! You can also jump on the bandwagon and get that spunky haircut and adjust it to your face shape, with bangs or fringes. It’s a look that you can experiment with a lot.

Trendy Layered Razor Cut for Women

Jenna Elfman überlagerte Rasiermesser Frisur
Jenna Elfman layered razor hairstyle

The misconception that layers of women fit with long curls can be offset by a short layered haircut. If you would like to avoid such misunderstandings, why not get a haircut to prove it? Let your hair cut into several layers (the more, the better!). Keep them straight or wavy, they look adorable and stylish!

Short curly hairstyles for women

Jennifer Nettles kurze lockige Frisur
Jennifer Nettles short curly hairstyle

Short, curly and cheeky, this is a look that is easy to wear when blessed with natural curls. Short curly hairstyles are coquettish and funny! Curls can be soft or firm, as defined by the shape of the curls and the texture of the hair.

Short prickly haircut for women

Kurzer stacheliger Haarschnitt
Short prickly haircut

If you are looking for a messy look outside the bed, then a prickly cut is appropriate. But before you decide to wear this look, you should be sure that you are satisfied with the idea of ​​wearing that look.

And you can find more short hairstyles here.

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