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These days most popular short gray hair ideas

Do you want to spice up your hair with one? ? other hair color ? We’re here to show you these days favorite short gray hair ideas that may inspire you to update your hair color!

1. Short stratified bob

This layered bob hairstyle is dyed with gray ombre and it looks great with darker hair color.

Kurzes graues Haar

2. Gray Pixie hair

Silver gray hair color definitely looks modern on long pixie cuts like this one below:

Kurze Frisuren für graue Haare

3. Highlighted gray hair

Multiple hair colors give this wavy bob hairstyle a unique look.

Kurze Haarschnitte für graues Haar

4. Short, gray hair in half

Ashy gray hair color of this straight bob hairstyle is messy styled half a bun.

Kurze graue Haarschnitte

5. Black and silver hair

This dark gray bob hairstyle is deeply cut out and really highlights her eyes and lips.

Kurze graue Frisuren

6. Silver highlights

Ash blonde to gray hair color is perfect for stylish and modern looks.

Kurzes graues Haar-6

7. Bob’s hair

With this angled gray bob hairstyle you can create fashionable short hairstyles.

Kurzes graues Haar-7

8. Sum average

mit trendigen grauen Haarfarben. You can dye your color short-cut hairstyles with trendy gray hair colors.

Kurzes graues Haar-8

9. Asymmetric cut

She looks stunning with her asymmetrical and layered short haircut and silver hair color.

Kurzes graues Haar-9

10. Pretty cool gray hair

If you have thick and dark hair, this gray ombre with layers and angles would be nice for you.

Kurzes graues Haar-10

11. Gray dyed natural hair

This curly gray short haircut with pony is a beautiful example of black women.

Kurzes graues Haar-11

12. Black hair with gray ombre

This gray ombre bob hairstyle with a braid looks really cute and stylish at the same time.

Kurzes graues Haar-12

13. White-gray pixie

This white-gray hair color on this Pixie cut with a long bangs looks modern and face-framing.

Kurzes graues Haar-13

14. Long Bob

This long bob hairstyle with light stratification at the end of the hair is perfect for thick hair.

Kurzes graues Haar-14

15. Trend color

This short haircut is perfect for ladies with lighter skin tones and eye color.

Kurzes graues Haar-15


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