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Trendy short haircuts for women over 40

Do you want to update your look this fall? und hol dir den Look, den du schon immer haben wolltest! Here’s a Trendy Short Haircuts For Women Over 40 Choose one of them as your next stylish short hairstyle and get the look you’ve always wanted!

1. Short wavy bob

Short bob hairstyles with loose waves and layers can flatter your face nicely.

Kurze Haarschnitte für Frauen über 40

2. Short hairstyle with bangs

Look at the modern stylish bob hairstyle ! She looks very fresh and young with her slender bob and pony.

Kurzes Haar für Frauen über 40

3. Short pages

Pixie cuts with short sides and layering would be a nice choice for women with masculine style, red accents also set a stylish look.

Kurzes Haar über 40

4. Asymmetric

Asymmetrical bob hairstyles are still in trend and you can effortlessly achieve a stylish look with an asymmetrical style.

Kurze Frisuren für Frauen über 40

5. Short simple hair

Simple short hairstyles with highlights and right shifts can do wonders to update your look.

Kurzhaarschnitte für Frauen über 40

6. Short blond hair

Medium bob hairstyle with a side swept bangs can definitely be a good choice for older women with heart-shaped faces.

Kurze Haarschnitte für Frauen über 40-6

7. Halle Berry

Queen of Pixie style Halle Berry Sport Pixie with long bangs and messy style in this image.

Kurze Haarschnitte für Frauen über 40-7

8. Street style

You can complete your street style with this blonde pixie with layering.

Kurze Haarschnitte für Frauen über 40-8

9. Whispy pony

If you want to wear light and voluminous hairstyle, here is a medium-length short hairstyle with bangs and pony.

Kurze Haarschnitte für Frauen über 40-9

10. Straight hair

Kurze Haarschnitte für Frauen über 40-10

11. Short choppy layers

Kurze Haarschnitte für Frauen über 40-11

12. Short curly hair

If you have curly or wavy hair, pixie cuts with layers and chic style are a great choice to make it a lot easier to style.

Kurze Haarschnitte für Frauen über 40-12

13. Blonde Pixie

Here’s a Pixie cut with choppy layers, this style will give you a modern and fresh look.

Kurze Haarschnitte für Frauen über 40-13

14. Super short

If you do not need time for your hairstyle, this short pixie style is for you!

Kurze Haarschnitte für Frauen über 40-14

15. Noble Elf

Finally, we show you a stylish short haircut with bangs, which may be suitable for women with thin hair.

Kurze Haarschnitte für Frauen über 40-15


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