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Trendy short hairstyles that you should see

neueste Kurzhaarfrisuren dieses Jahr? Would you like to see the latest short hairstyles this year? In this post you will find the Trendy Short Hairstyles that you should see Take a look at our gallery and be inspired by these looks!

1. Trendy long elf

Long pixie cuts are the most preferred pixie cuts among women, pony and choppy layers gives a truly modern style to women’s looks.

Trendige Kurzhaarfrisuren

2. Ombre Pink Hair Bob

Pink dipped ombre hair color technique was very popular among young women.

Trendige Frisuren für kurzes Haar

3. Pixie cut

verleiht diesem strukturierten Pixie-Schnitt einen wirklich coolen und schicken Stil. Platinum blonde hair color gives this textured pixie cut a really cool and chic style.

Kurzes modisches Haar

4. Eleven Bob

Pixie Bob hairstyles are in vogue lately and women of all ages love this short hairstyle .

Trendige Kurzhaarschnitt

5th Style A Pixie Cut

Here is a pixie cut with side pony and beautiful highlights.

Trendige Kurzhaarfrisuren für Frauen

6. Lily Collins style

Layers are great for styling our thick hair , especially if you have a pixie cut.

Trendige kurze Frisuren-6

7. Shaved under

Here is a really cute and stylish short bob hairstyle with weird style and layering.

Trendige kurze Frisuren-7

8. Cameron Diaz

This short blonde bob hairstyle by Cameron Diaz can be worn by mature women.

Trendige kurze Frisuren-8

9. White blond hair

Platinum blonde hair color and layered long bob hairstyle is another hair trend this year.

Trendige Kurzhaarfrisuren-9

10. Brunette Pixie

There is nothing nicer and more natural than brunette with a pixie cut.

Trendige kurze Frisuren-10

11th Felicia day

Here’s another really cute short haircut from Felicia Day with red hair color.

Trendige kurze Frisuren-11

12. Long pixie cut

Trendige kurze Frisuren-12

13. Hair accessories

You may think that there are not many styling options for pixie cuts, but you can instantly update your look with a headband.

Trendige kurze Frisuren-13

14. Elf with glasses

If you wear glasses and have thick hair, this pixie cut would be a nice inspiration for you.

Trendige kurze Frisuren-14

15. Rihanna Pixie cut

Rihanna’s simple dark pixie cut is a good choice for black ladies.

Trendige Kurzhaarfrisuren-15

16. Undercut women’s short hair

Trendige Kurzhaarfrisuren-16

17th Long Pixie Cut 2018

Here’s a layered short hairstyle for mature ladies, this haircut will make you look a lot younger and fancy.

Trendige kurze Frisuren-17

18th Twiggy Pixie cut

Here’s a really cute vintage pixie cut with side-swept pony and glasses.

Trendige kurze Frisuren-18

19. Blond hair Pixie

Long blonde pixie cuts are very popular with women including celebrities and they are suitable for all ages.

Trendige kurze Frisuren-19

20. Pixie cropped

We end our gallery with a short cut dark pixie cut that can flatter any face.

Trendige kurze Frisuren-20


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