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Unique hair colors on short haircuts

Hair color is just as important as the haircut. So if you want to get a new and stylish look, you should choose the right hair for your skin color, hair type and personality. Let’s see the latest hair color ideas for short hair:

1. Blonde short hair color idea

Above all, blonde hair will not go out of style and they will nicely underline the layering of this short bob hairstyle.

Kurze Haarfarbe Ideen

2. Short pink hair color

Pink balayage color with platinum blonde hair color is one of the best looks for young girls who want to look stylish and eye-catching.

Kurze Haarfarbe

3. Ash-gray hair color for short hair

Ash-gray ombre will look great on dark hair colors like this one below, it has thick and dark hair, and the gray hair is light.

Haarfarbe für kurzes Haar

4. Smokey Lilac hair color

, lockere und große Wellen und choppy Layering schaffen einen modernen und schicken Stil. Smoky lilac ombre color , loose and big waves and choppy layering create a modern and chic style.

Kurzes farbiges Haar

5. red-violet

Dark red wine hair color is a good idea for girls with fair complexion and green eyes.

Kurze Haarfarben

6. Dark blue

Dark and bright purple hair color makes this angled bob hair look eye-catching and adorable.

Kurze Haarfarben-6

7. Pink ombre

Look at this beautiful pink hair color under this bent Bob hairstyle. Layering easily shows the shades of pink.

Kurzes Haar Farben-7

8. Asymmetric Bob

Asymmetrical haircuts are perfect for various facial features such as triangular or diamond shaped faces.

Kurzes Haar Farben-8

9. Ash Blonde dark roots

Here is another asymmetrical bob hairstyle with darker root and side pony.

Kurzes Haar Farben-9

10. Ombre for Short Bob

If you are looking for a unique and stylish ombre style, here is a beautifully colored ombre technique for young women:

Kurze Haarfarben-10

11. Purple highlights in blonde hair

This purple balayage looks very appealing on an angled bob hairstyle with light blonde hair color.


12. Dark red lights

Here is an angled bob hairstyle colored with red hair and red highlights that make this bob look shiny.

Kurze Haarfarben-12

13. Pink Balayage Short Hair

This pink Balayage Ombre with a weird style and layering is styled into big and loose waves that will definitely make this look look awesome.

Kurze Haarfarben-13

14. Orange hair

Ginger or orange hair color is one of the most attractive hair colors for women and it looks good on women with a light skin tone and pixie cut.

Kurzes Haar Farben-14

15. Dark red

Kurze Haarfarben-15

16. Black and Teal short hair

Kurzes Haar Farben-16

17. Different colors

Kurze Haarfarben-17

18. Blonde highlights

Kurze Haarfarben-18




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