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Updo with curly back

If you are looking for something romantic and glamorous, then opt for this wavy voluminous updo with a curly curly back. This hairstyle is ideal for brides, prom ladies and special occasions, such as opera and theater. There is an Ancient Grecian touch in this updo that gives a great twist. Personally, I feel like a glorious Greek goddess look that is not only creative but timelessly classic. If you want to update it then go for beautiful flowers to pinning them at the side of the head (purple flowers will look great with blonde colors).

Hochsteckfrisur mit lockigem Rücken 2018

I love the curled locks that bring body and volume to the hair of this lady. You do not need long hair to try this updo. The best face shape is square, triangular and round.

Hochsteckfrisur mit lockigem Rücken 2018

Hochsteckfrisur mit lockigem Rücken 2018

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