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Upside down hairstyle hairstyles for the year 2018

Well, perhaps you have already noticed that wearing the strands in a braid is quite common. However, it’s always a great idea to uncover new ways to weave your strands. Change your look with an upturned French pigtail hairstyle for 2018 and stand out. Upside down braids are not hard to achieve, as it may seem. The difference between this and the normal braid is that the reverse style requires the beginning of weaving straight from the neck. You can pair these braids with bunny ponytails, knots or a few curls. With a little practice, you can easily achieve the style.

Elegant bow braid

In fact, the regular bun is not the only option to finish your upturned braid. Try to think for a real unique look out of the box. You can use your creativity and I can assure you that no one will have a hairstyle like you. Here is a strikingly classic and beautiful updo that can be worn both casual and formal. It requires lichen on the head and then the conclusion with a delightful bow bun. Upside down braid in a messy bun

This is the traditional way to end your upturned braid. The bulky bun is the best option for fitness chicks. It’s an easy style to reach. All you have to do is start braiding right off the neck and if you start to secure on top in a huge bun style. Remember that you do not have to overdo the bun, the messier the better. Zipper Plait with a small roll

When it comes to upturned braid hairstyles, the possibilities are many. You have many options to wear the braid. The following style is a good idea for women with fine hair. The beauty of the style comes from the tightened updo, which is not that big anymore. You can also copy this headgear without tutorials. Basic three-strand braid also works for the bun. Double rolls with upturned pigtails

Double buns are festive hairstyles and can be worn by women with medium to long hair. The following style is fun to wear as it has a pastel hair color and sets the style up. Give your strands a vivid hair color and then try to reach the buns. To style, divide your strands into two pieces and then proceed with the upturned braided buns. Highlighted braided bun

French braids are indeed cute and ultra-feminine. The braids look exceptionally good when paired with bread rolls. The updated version of the style requires some highlights. The key to a great design, however, are the loose tendrils. Do not hesitate to try the style for yourself.

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