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Various short hair ideas with fringes

Fringes make a big difference when it comes to spicing up your taste short haircut . Here are several short fringe hair ideas you’ll love right away!

1. Tina Majorino Short hair

Here’s a nice ombre-pixie-style idea for thin hair.

Kurzes Haar mit Fransen

2. Short Bob Side Bangs

Side pony make a great statement about your eyes and your cheekbones.

Kurzes Haar mit Fransen 2018

3. Michelle Maradie

und süße Fransen. Here is a brunette beauty with dark pixie cut and sweet fringe.

Kurze Frisuren mit Fransen

4. Pixie cut with pony

Layered pixie styles looks really good with wipy pony.

Kurze Fransenhaarschnitte

5. Bob with Fringe 2018

To create a sophisticated look, you can give your bob hairstyle a pony.

Kurzhaarschnitt mit Fransen

6. Charming short fringe

This pretty and cute short hairstyle is beautiful with side fringes.

Kurzes Haar mit Fransen-6

7. Sexy short hair

Casual yet elegant short hairstyle for blonde hair.

Kurzes Haar mit Fransen-7

8. Messy Bob with fringes

Messy and wavy bob hairstyles are great with bangs like this girl below:

Kurzes Haar mit Fransen-8

9. Rock N Roll Hairstyles

If you like punk rock style, Rihanna’s Dark Pixie would be really nice to you!

Kurzes Haar mit Fransen-9

10. Jennie Garth

Here is a stylish layered blonde bob hairstyle for straight hair.

Kurzes Haar mit Fransen-10

11. Straight pony

Dark haired women can wear this full bangs to accentuate their eyes.

Kurzes Haar mit Fransen-11

12. For older ladies

Here is a short hair with pony for older ladies.

Kurzes Haar mit Fransen-12

13. Platina Blonde

Platinum blonde hair looks really fancy with Pixie like this:

Kurzes Haar mit Fransen-13

14. Short hair long side bangs

Long side pony with highlighted pixie style can flatter your face nicely.

Kurzes Haar mit Fransen-14

15. Long pony

Long pony can create a mysterious and stylish look.

Kurzes Haar mit Fransen-15

16. New Pixie cut

Kurzes Haar mit Fransen-16

17. Bob haircut

Dark bob hair and long pony accentuate her green eyes.

Kurzes Haar mit Fransen-17

18th round faces

Wispy fringe and side swept pony looks really good on women with round faces.

Kurzes Haar mit Fransen-18

19. Messy fringe

This messy pixie cut with prickly fringes is casual, chic and edgy.

Kurzes Haar mit Fransen-19

20. For a long face

After all, this long-haired bob hairstyle is a great option for long-faced ladies. Long bangs will make your long face much more oval, which is good.

Kurzes Haar mit Fransen-20



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