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Very modern pixie cuts for women

Pixie cuts are awesome, they are very easy to style, cool and cute at the same time. Whether you have curly hair or very thin hair, this textured Pixie cuts are perfect for you, browse our gallery for the perfect hairstyle!

1. Pixie Hair for thin hair

Thin hair tends to look a bit flat, but with a layered pixie style, your hair would look much more textured.

Pixie Haarschnitt

2. Pixie cut back view

, die Schichtung auf der Rückseite schafft einen schönen Stil für diese blonde Pixie. Rear view is very important, especially if you have a short pixie style , the layering on the back creates a nice style for this blonde pixie.

Pixie Schnitte

3. Pixie cut with a long pony

Cute pony is always a good idea if you want to look adorable with your short pixie haircut.

Pixie Haarschnitte

4. Short pixie cut

Conical pixie cut and short hairstyle with short sides are very popular with young women, undercut would also look really cool!

Kurze Pixie-Schnitte

5. Chic pixie cut style

Platinum-colored pixie with choppy layering and wispy pony looks definitely adorable on this girl.

Pixie Cut Stile

6. Platinum Blonde Pixie

As mentioned earlier, style is very popular and looks good with longer pixie hairstyles.

Pixie Schnitte-6

7. Pixie with highlights

Pixie Schnitte-7

8. Two-tone

Pixie Schnitte-8

9. Boyish haircut back view

Pixie Schnitte-9

10. Short hairstyle for women 2018

Pixie Schnitte-10

11. Casual cut

Pixie Schnitte-11

12. Untidy style

Pixie Schnitte-12

13.Long elf

Pixie Schnitte-13

14. Blonde Pixie

Pixie Schnitte-14

15. Shaved side


16. Undercut Pixie rear view


17. Simple cut

Pixie Schnitte-17

18. Short shaved hairstyle

Pixie Schnitte-18

19. Very short style

Pixie Schnitte-19

20. Pixie Bob style

Pixie Schnitte-20


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