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Winter Fashion 2018 – are you up to date with the latest trends?


Today, we want to show you all the brilliance of the incredible winter fashion trends of 2018, strolling the catwalk, picking up everything and regrouping our dressing rooms for the coming seasons.

After all, we want to have an incredibly fashionable year. As we enjoy the spring and summer months, it’s the Fall / Winter 2018-2018 fashion trends that we will reproduce in our heads while shopping. What better way to spend the rainy or overly hot days than in a local mall and enjoy the best ready-to-use designer collections? To make your fall wardrobe appearance better for 2018, you’ll need to take a closer look at the 2018 fashion trends that have recently appeared on stage or have become as popular lately as they are now. Taking into account as many different looks as they appear and so many different combinations of trends that can make your style unique!

Winter fashion 2018

Wintermode 2018

The costumes are included. One of the best fall fashion trends of 2018, the pants suit has been around for a while and looks incredibly good, especially when it’s made for a woman, but with all the power a men’s suit could have. , Calvin Klein is one of the many designers in the four fashion cities who offer the best pantsuits, especially the gray banker version, extra large designs by Victoria Beckham and matching checkered designs by Alexander Wang. Some even added skin to the mix, along with a vest and a tie, as seen in Thom Browne. Asymmetrical seams came into play in Alexander McQueen.

Skirt suits

Wintermode 2018

The shawls undoubtedly occupy the first place. They appear in all sorts of materials, colors Compulsory collections of Fashion Week shown.

The Texan (or Canadian) tuxedo

Der texanische Smoking

You guessed right. Denim was everywhere and double denim in crisp salvage or aged black, some with fur lining and other embroidery that would surely go down in the list of fall / winter 2018-2018 fashion trends. High waist, denim shirts and a well-rehearsed attitude were among the highlights on the Calvin Klein track. You could also opt for the combined dark and light jeans collections, as seen in Public School, during the designs. In Jonathan Simkhai, our attention has certainly caught our attention. The entire denim set is available, so do not worry about matching shirts and pants. Denim goes twice for fall and you should enjoy the absolute beauty of it.

Protest of the designer

Protest des Designers

The woman will appear even more concentrated. Missoni used the sign of a woman to show the power of women, while Versace ensured that everyone understood what loyalty meant. Not all were slogans, but they were all used as a protest and that was undoubtedly what drew the public’s attention.

An ode to the midi skirt

Eine Ode an den Midirock

While some designers brought some miniskirts, it was the midi skirt that really stood out among the main trends in the winter of 2018, ending either below the knee or more towards the mid calf area. Gorgeous floral dresses wore leather jackets in Calvin Klein, high notches in Prabal Gurung, asymmetric seams in Jason Wu, and in the neutral tones of Michael Kors there was some warmth. Even the trends of the 80s oscillate pretty much with the midi skirt for the fall season, with or without boots underneath for the warmth of the legs.

Add the side cuts


It may not be like a big trend at first, but since we see one designer after another with this cut, we can honestly say that it is undoubtedly a fascinating trend in the fall of 2018. Proenza Schouler plays with the layers and ensures an opening at the waist and the hip. Prabal Gurung also shows the waist in a completely covered body. As for Jonathan Simkhai, the line zipped in the jeans shows the waist very well.

Volume in the sleeves

Volumen in den Ärmeln

It has been an 80’s effect for some time, but the voluminous sleeves are a trend of winter fashion. It is incredibly popular and grows more depending on the season. The romantic sleeves appeared in dresses and shirts, with Antonio Marras and Elisabetta Franchi contributing to the love of the trend, while Jil Sander and Francesco Scognamiglio added the effects to their sweatshirts.

Bright icons

Helle Ikonen

Lately, Instagram has seen a trend in which brooches and ornaments have been created in bright designs to place on shirts, sweaters, dresses and much more. It seems the tracks are also full of similar products, with icons that appear on dresses and jackets in Gucci, geometric shapes and pins that come into effect in Emporio Armani, and intriguing stone effects added to Stella Jean and Ermanno Scervino. All in all, it’s a funky built-in or not-so-integrated addition to your wardrobe that sets you apart from the others.


Winter Fashion 2018 – Handbags

Mode Handtaschen

Trends Handtaschen

Trends in Taschen

Trends für 2018

Trends in Handtaschen für 2018

Trends für 2018

neueste Trends für 2018


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