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Womens Hairstyles 2018: Glitter Roots

Hair Trends 2018 are characterized by bright fantasy solutions. Today we talk about Glitter Roots Trend. Sure, creative, happy, courageous and dreamy women should like it!

Let’s create your fairytale look! COOL HAIRCUTS team introduces you in «Womens Hairstyles 2018: Glitter Roots» article.

Hair Trends 2018: How to shine?

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Glittering roots mean sequins near roots. It accentuates haircut, eyes, clothes, or make-up color, so you can achieve different effects by changing sequin shades.

Such latest hairstyles have no limits for age and moment!

The easiest way to get the procedure right is to use pre-mix glitter gel.

Follow these steps if you have dry sequins.

  • Style hair in the necessary form.
  • Apply fixer along the dividing line.
  • Sprinkle sequins with a soft brush;
  • If desired, add paint.

Glittering roots: Latest hairstyles with root sequins

If your styling contains voluminous accents, avoid glittering on them! Latest hairstyles with shiny accents on parts also look original. Such hair trends 2018 were loved by celebrities! Look how great Miley Cyrus looks!

Short hair

Add sequins on apex or pony. It should be a thin monochrome line that is quite wide and colorful, iridescent in different colors.

Long hair

Make some braids and let sections shine in between! Two braid buns, leave a large field of activity. Such Minnie Mouse style composition is also one of the trendy women hairstyles 2018!

medium hair

Comb the hair back and make a radiant “crown”. Glitter color should be in harmony with the dress, the handbag and the shoes. Latest hairstyles on fashion scene with wet hair effect! So, such a look fits two hair trends 2018 at the same time!

Previous options would be appropriate.

Womens Hairstyles 2018: Where should I shine?

You can safely wear your shiny hairstyle everywhere, if you are creative bold person! Of course, the office options should be stricter, without big sequences and bright color contrasts.

It is suitable for various festive occasions and can be wonderfully combined with evening dresses and shiny make-up. But such a shiny hairstyle looks great with jeans everyday too!

Hopefully, after reading our article “Womens Hairstyles 2018: Glittering Roots”, add more light and brightness to the world with its incredible beauty!

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