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You should see 2018 Best Pixie Hairstyles

für diese Saison? Want to take a look at the latest Pixie cut ideas for this season? Here we have collected the pictures of 2018 Best Pixie hairstyles you should see , take a look at our gallery and let yourself be inspired!

1st Pixie haircut 2018

Pixie cuts have been trendy for years, and you can find the best that suits your hair and personality.

Pixie Haarschnitt

2. Evan Rachel Wood Pixie cut

Evan Rachel Wood sports a pixie cut with spiky and voluminous style.

Pixie cut

3. Pixie haircut front and back

You can see this stylish layer Pixie cut from all sides.

Pixie hairstyle

4. Pixie haircut

Platinum and gray hair color is one of the cool looks of the season, so you can wear a tapered pixie cut with a long pony and gray hair color.

Pixie haircut

5. Short pixie cut

Her hairstyle is layered and highlighted with golden blond, she looks effortlessly nice and chic.

Kurze Pixie-Schnitte

6. Trendy cut

This trendy blonde pixie style is great for girls with strong hair and a unique style.

Pixie Frisuren-6

7. Best Pixie cut

Here’s the best pixie cut idea for women over 50, these women look modern and chic.

Pixie Frisuren-7

8. Curly undercut

If you have curly hair, you can wear this curvy pixie cut with undercut to easily style your hair.

Pixie Frisuren-8

9. Emma Fitzpatrick

Her pretty and dark pixie cut with bangs give a really nice statement of her face and lips.

Pixie Frisuren-9

10. Dark brown pixie cut

Choppy Layering can give your pixie cut with thin hair a really nice feathered look.

Pixie Frisuren-10

11. wavy hair

If you have wavy hair, Pixie with long hair on top would look extremely stylish and cool.

Pixie Frisuren-11

12. Pixie Cut Faux Hawk

Do you have a round face and would you like to have a chic short pixie cut? This Faux Hawk is the perfect way to give an oval look to round faces.

Pixie Frisuren-12

13. Short hair with bangs

This face frame Pixie cut with side pony will beautifully accentuate your face and your eyes.

Pixie Frisuren-13

14. Elsa Pataky

Side Pony adds a really stylish touch to pixie styles like this one below:

Pixie Frisuren-14

15. Cute elf

This cute pixie cut by Carey Mulligan can be worn by petite ladies with cute features.

Pixie Frisuren-15

16. Short layered haircut

Pixie Frisuren-16

17. Rihanna

Pixie Frisuren-17

18. With pony

Women with thick hair can opt for this messy pixie cut with pony and shaved side.

Pixie Frisuren-18

19. Short Edgy Pixie

Want a lot more edgy and chic pixie sports? This pony cut with long bangs and shave is perfect for you!

Pixie Frisuren-19

20. Blown short hair

You can wear this paved back for special occasions like weddings.

Pixie Frisuren-20

21. Spiky Pixie

Pixie Frisuren-21

22. Shaved short hair

This wavy pixie with shaved back is the savior for hot summer days.

Pixie Frisuren-22

23. Whippy cake pixie cut

Whippy cake is wavy pixie style with ashy blonde hair color which would be a sweet and chic option for women with thick hair.

Pixie Frisuren-23

24. Blonde Pixie

The side view is just as important as the front view, so you can clearly see the layering.

Pixie Frisuren-24

25. Blonde Pixie for ladies

Here’s the other side with pony sides and Gorgeou’s blonde hair color .

Pixie Frisuren-25



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