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You should try Trendy Pixie Cut styles in 2018

jetzt und sei inspiriert! In this post we show you trendy pixie-cut ideas for 2018 Look at these beautiful short hairstyle ideas now and be inspired!

1. Short hair rockabilly girl

This brunette Pixie cut looks especially sparkly and cool especially with blue eyeliner.

Pixie Haarschnitt

2. Send short hairstyle

Ash hair color and chic asymmetrical l Short haircut would be great for women with a light skin tone and an oval face.

Pixie Schnitte

3. Most beautiful pixie hairstyle

Here is a really pretty and messy short hairstyle idea for girls with thin and brunette hair.

Pixie Frisuren

4. Chloe howling

mit Highlights sieht auf ihr wirklich süß und schick aus. This red mess Pixie cut with highlights looks really sweet and fancy on her.

Pixie Haarschnitte

5. Very short hair

Short prickly haircuts are perfect for adding texture and style to your hair.

Pixie Cut Stile

6. Super sweet

This short hairstyle would be a nice example for girls with waves and thick hair textures.

Trendy Pixie Cut Styles-6

7. Pixie cut for curly hair

Has got curly and dense hair? This is a nice inspiration for you!

Trendy Pixie Cut Styles-7

8. Blonde Pixie cut

Blonde curly pixie cut really flatters her facial features and she looks stunning.

Trendy Pixie Cut Styles-8

9. Long pixie hair

This Jennifer Lawrence inspired pixie cut makes a big difference, as you can see below:

Trendy Pixie Cut Styles-9

10. For round faces

If you have a round face, this gray pixie cut with side bangs would look really cute and stylish.

Trendy Pixie Cut Styles-10

11. Blue colored

Looking for something that is edgy and eye-catching? Here is a colored pixie cut with pony.

Trendy Pixie Cut Styles-11

12. Short hair color 2018

This orange red hair color and chaotic pixie style looks modern, fresh and stylish.

Trendy Pixie Cut Styles-12

13. Rear view

When you sport a pixie style rear view is important as a frontal view.

Trendy Pixie Cut Styles-13

14. Long Asymmetric Pixie Cut

Long and asymmetrical pixie cut with red highlights and messy hairstyle framed her face.

Trendy Pixie Cut Styles-14

15. Bright red pixie

The split, slender, straight, red pixie cut, green eyes and red lips look stunning.

Trendy Pixie Cut Styles-15

16. Very short asymmetric pixie

Tapered Short Hairstyles is one of the most popular hairstyles for women with thick hair.

Trendy Pixie Cut Styles-16

17. Multilayer Pixie

Trendy Pixie Cut Styles-17

18. Young pixie for girls

This young pixie cut with shorter sides definitely emphasize her facial features and eyes.

Trendy Pixie Cut Styles-18

19. Shaggy Pixie

Trendy Pixie Cut Styles-19

20. Nice style

Here is a truly healing asymmetrical pixie style for brunette ladies.

Trendy Pixie Cut Styles-20


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